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Outputting and Uploading Video Productions

Once you have finished editing your video production, you can output it as a video file, upload it to social networking web sites, or burn it to a disc. This tutorial explains the ways you can output your production and share it with others.

Outputting as a 2D Video File


CyberLink PowerDirector allows you to output your video production in both 2D and 3D video file formats.



1. In the Produce window, click on the Standard 2D tab.

2. Select your preferred video format, and then select the Profile name/ Quality for the created video file.

3.Click the ellipsis button (marked in red) to set the output folder, i.e. where the created 2D video will be located.
4. Enter a file name and then click Save.
5. Click the start button to output your video production.
6. CyberLink PowerDirector is producing your video.

7. The production is complete.


Note: The outputted video file is not editable. All the added effects, title text and objects are merged with the video. Be sure
to save the project file for future use.

Uploading to Facebook



1.Click on the Online tab to upload your video production to a social networking web site.


2. Click the Facebook button, and then select your preferred profile type. Remember to input a title and description for your
video production, and then click Start.

3. Click the Authorize button.

4. Enter your Facebook email address and password, and then click Log In.


Extra Information: You can get a free Facebook account by
clicking the Sign up for Facebook button.

5. Your video is outputted, and then uploaded to Facebook.
6. When the upload is complete, you can click on Check out your video on Facebook to view your video.
7. Then you will see your uploaded video on Facebook.
Uploading to YouTube


You can also upload your video to YouTube. If the video production is in 3D, select the Share as a 3D video option to upload it to YouTube in a 3D video source format.



Select the YouTube button, enter your Username and Password, and then select Share as a 3D video. Remember to select the profile type you want, and then specify the title, tags, and description for your video production. Select the desired video category, and then click Start to upload your video.

2. Click Authorize.
3. Enter your e-mail address and password, and then click Log in.
4. Click Allow.
5. Your video is outputted, and then uploaded to YouTube.
6. When the upload is complete, you can click on the link to view your video on YouTube.