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Burning Your Production to a Disc

If the resulting produced video file from your video production is too large to upload to social networking web sites, you can burn it to a disc for playback on a disc player. To do so, click on the Create Disc button to burn your video onto a disc in a few easy steps.

Importing Additional Disc Content


You can import your video productions edited in different projects and then burn them to the same disc.


1. Enter the Create Disc window and then click the button (marked in red) to import any existing CyberLink PowerDirector projects.


Extra Information: You can also click the button beside it to import additional video files.

2. In the Open dialog, select the project file to be added to the disc, and then click Open.


3. The thumbnail of the project file is shown in the display window.


Extra Information: You can continue to import additional
projects or video files.

Adding Chapters


You can customize your disc menu and set chapters to ease the navigation on your finalized disc. Viewers can select chapter thumbnails to watch the content they want, or quickly browse through the menu structure of the disc.

1. Click on Show Chapters next to the thumbnail of the first title (project).

2. You can view the title's chapter in the display window. Click the C button to edit the chapters.
3. Drag the timeline slider to where you want to add a chapter marker. Click C+ button to add a chapter at the current location.

4. The chapter track displays on the timeline, showing all of the chapter markers in the selected project.

5. Click the Chapter 1 marker, drag the timeline slider to the frame you want to use as the chapter thumbnail, and then click
to set it as the chapter thumbnail.

6. Click on Create Disc.

7. There are now two chapter thumbnails in the first title (project).

Customizing the Menu Structure

The Menu Structure button lets you view how titles (projects) and their chapters are arranged in your video production.


1. Click on the Menu Stucture button

2. Select the first item and then enter your preferred title in the disc menu preview window. Click 'X' to close the Menu
Structure window.

Extra Information: In the Menu Structure tree, you can see all
the menu pages and buttons on your disc. There can be several menu pages on your disc, and the buttons are the chapter thumbnails that you click to play the content want.