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PowerDirector 365

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CyberLink PowerDirector is an unbelievably fast and flexible Windows 10 video editing software solution, offering an unique combination of high-end performance and advanced video editing features. Its intuitive interface makes it a video editor accessible to users of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. As a PowerDirector 365 subscriber, you are not only getting a complete software solution with the latest updates and new features but also exclusive access to premium plug-ins, effects, and unique AI Style Packs.

Why PowerDirector 365

  • Up-to-Date Versions

  • Unlimited Plug-ins & Effects

  • Fastest Video Editor

  • Latest Format Support

  • Full 360 Editing Toolkit

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Rest assured, you'll totally love it or you get all your money back!

Experience the World’s Fastest Video Editing Software

  • Easy but Powerful

    Advanced editing features & intuitive interface

    Beginners and Pro can both create amazing videos with full-featured tools

  • Fast and Smart

    Fastest and smoother user experience

    Optimized and enhanced your videos using CyberLink unique AI-powered technology

  • Industry-Leading

    The first to support 360-degree VR footage

    Always be the pioneer to bring breakthrough innovation features

The No.1 Choice for Video Editors

  • Satified Users

    PowerDirector is the most capable
    consumer-level video editing software.

  • Awards and Reviews

    PowerDirector is highly recommended
    by influential media around the world.

  • Years of Trusted Brand

    We are committed to delivering
    quality products and service.

Exclusive for Subscribers!
Always Latest Version & Unlimited Effects

  • Always Update to Latest Version

    You will always have the latest updates and new features for the duration of your plan. That ensures you will always have support for and access to the cutting-edge features, capabilities, media formats, and more.

  • Monthly Plug-in & Packs

    You’ll get exclusive access to premium effects, creative editing tips and 400+ Soundtracks. Also, our innovative AI Style Packs lets you harness the power of unique artificial intelligence engine to turn videos or photos into works of art.

360 Video Editing Software
A virtual 360º video playground

  • Complete 360° Editing Studio

    PowerDirector is the most capable consumer-level video editing software.

  • Full 360º Editing Toolkit

    Add titles, transitions and PiP objects into your 360º videos for viewers to discover as they explore your creation.

  • Your Own
    Little Planet

    Turn your videos into a world of their own in just a few quick clicks with the new Little Planet feature.

    Little Planet

    Turns your 360° panoramic photographs into eye-catching little planet creations. It's fast and easy!

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  • True 360º View Designer

    Choose & switch desired angles in a 360° video footage and create your own 2D narrative movie.

    True 360º View Designer

    Change your desired angles in a 360° video footage to capture every great moment!

    See in Action

  • Amazing 360º Stabilization

    Fix shaky 360º footage and make your videos incredibly smooth from any angle.

    360º Stabilization

    Our new algorithm keep your footage steady and avoid shaking for smoother 360º video viewing!

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Spotlight the Action!
Create stunning sports and adventure videos

  • Action Camera Center

    The Action Camera Center is ideal for sports and high speed videos. It provides powerful set of features that specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of sports enthusiasts.

    Stabilize Shaky Videos

    Fix shaky footage instantly by analyzing video frame-by-frame to correct unwanted camera movement.

    Slow Motion & Reverse

    Track objects you would like your audience to follow and adjust speed to hightlight the movement, even through 360° footage.

    Add Zoom and Pan Effects

    Moves the camera closer and focus on best timing of the movement. Great effect for sports, action, and dramatic videos.

    Stop Motion

    Put the focus on the part of video you want to highlight, and apply cool stop motion effect in just few clicks.

    Stabilize shaky action video

    Correct fish-eye distortion

    Slow Motion & Reverse Modes

    Add Zoom and Pan Effects

  • Put the Focus on Moving Objects

    Motion Tracking feature allows you to easily track the size and motion of moving objects in video, which can be a complicated task in other video editing software.

    Select the object or person you want to track

    Add a title, media clip or effect to the tracked object

    Click "Track" and CyberLink PowerDirector will do the rest for you

High Frame Rate (HFR)

Higher high frame rate provides better video quality that motion becomes smoother and motion blur is eradicated.

Performance Leader
Fastest & & Powerful video editing software 

  • Faster Rendering & Production

    PowerDirector has held the title of world's fastest video editing software for several versions. Powered by the 64-bit TrueVelocity engine and with the support of OpenCL, multi-GPGPU acceleration and latest hardware acceleration technology, making PowerDirector video editing software among the best for HD and 4K video rendering.  

  • Cutting-edge Resolutions and the Latest Format Support

    Quality Beyond HD - 4K Ultra HD Video Support.
    With resolution up to 3840 x 2160, you can create clear videos in resolution 4 times higher than Full HD.

    Edit 120/240 fps Videos from GoPro or iPhone
    Unique processing technology allows for hassle-free import, preview and export of super high frame rate video.

    FLAC Audio Support

Look-up Tables (LUTs)

Supports popular Look-up-Table formats. A useful and quick method for you apply cinematic styles throughout a video.

PowerDirector has everything you need
to create stunning videos!

  • Transition Designer

    Create transitions from any image using alpha channel masks to set the shape. Fade in/out effects can be set with keyframes.

  • Title Designer

    Customize motion, font, color, border, blur, animated effects, and more. Edit with a screen preview so you can see exactly what it will look like.

  • Color Correction

    Apply a consistent look and feel to videos with intelligent Color Match, or effortlessly apply spectacular color looks with Look-up Tables (LUTs).

  • Video Collage Designer

    Select from a huge range of layout templates, adjust playback options, focal points and timing of each video in your collage.

  • MultiCam Designer

    Synchronize up to 4 video clips by audio content, and perform real time mixing of video clips, without the need for keyframes.

  • Mask Designer

    Fuse different video clips by applying transparency and brush tool to create custom, irregular shaped masks.

  • Video Blending

    Use blending effect presets or merge two clips with 8 blending modes to create unique impact to your videos.

  • Vertical Video Mode

    Apply all of CyberLink's leading technologies to footage in 9:16 format, for results that are as good as any standard horizontal video, even on the big screen.

  • TrueTheater® Color

    One click to dynamically adjust the color saturation in video without skin tone distortion. Create rich, vibrant, and cinematic color for your video.

PowerDirector 365

Fast & Powerful. Best Windows Video Editing Software.

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