I Love Travel - Video Contest

Winners Announced!

Thank you for your support in the I Love Travel video contest! We received countless videos featuring all kinds of creativity and fun moments from different cities around the world. Your support has helped showcase what’s possible by using the amazing features of PowerDirector. Now take a look at the outstanding videos that have stood out and won!

The Great Travelers

Grand Prize

DELL Inspiron 15 7000 sponsored by INTEL + DirectorSuite 6



一家人來到日本旅遊,透過360°鏡頭帶你玩攝日本九州各地美景 喜歡就給我一個讚,讓我創作更多全景影片喔

2nd Prize

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets + DirectorSuite 6



高雄輕旅行 360 影片分享 希望帶給觀眾另一種不同的體驗~

3rd Prize

FeiyuTech G360 Panoramic Camera Gimbal + DirectorSuite 6

Faroe Islands in VR 360

Raffy Halim

Take in the sights of the enchanting Faroe Islands with 360 degree views from the scenic locations around the islands.

Audience Favorites

1st Place

Wacom Intuos Comfort Small Creative Pen Tablet + DirectorSuite 6

徒步蘭嶼Hiking On Lanyu

烏吉喵 Woo Gee Meo

台灣東部的離島-蘭嶼 是打工換宿的第一站也是徒步離島的第一站,第一次來到這座島的人是一定會被那美麗壯闊的風景及濃濃的人情味給吸引住,即使已經待了大半個月,但在環島的過程中光欣賞這片美景就一點都不覺得辛苦了!!! 我們是烏吉喵,曾經在台灣徒步環島146天,這次來到蘭嶼一樣要以徒步的方式好好欣賞這片土地的美好!!

2nd Place

PowerDirector 16 + PhotoDirector 9

琵琶湖滑雪去 Kyoto Ski Trip

郭耿志 Ken

2017年初,跟朋友去了京都遊玩時 我們一起去了琵琶湖,隨手一拍的影片 透過今年買的威力導演16 變成了一部有趣懷念的遊記 值得一看再看 啃生活粉絲頁 https://www.facebook.com/kenslife1218/

3rd Place

PowerDirector 16 + PhotoDirector 9



趁著開學前的這周,帶小草小花再度來到小人國~ 之前到小人國的時候其實是兩年前~ 上回連京爸京媽一進園區都被淋成落湯雞~ 來玩小人國真的一定要濕著入園才好玩!!! 但是這次我偏不要~簡單走走還是很有趣!!!

Lucky Voters Prize

Voters x 5

PowerDirector 16

Michael Wall
Cassio B Goldschmidt

* CyberLink will contact the event winners via the e-mail address provided during submission. If the winner does not reply within 30 days of contact, the winner automatically forfeits their entitlement to the prize. CyberLink reserves the right to appoint new winners in the case that the original winners forfeits the prize.