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grubinstall README

Purpose: allow GRUB to be booted from NT/2K/XP
This tool modifies the GRUB stage1 and stage2 image files located on an NTFS or FAT volume, to make them bootable by NTLDR.


* The AUTHORS of GNU GRUB 0.93 for creating GRUB
* Samuel Leo for writing fsys_ntfs.c
* Leonid Lisovskiy for writing fsys_iso9660.c
* Gary Ng for updating the GRUB makefiles for NTFS+ISO9660
* Chris Semler and Tobias Svensson for testing

booting OS'es from NTLDR requires stage1 to be on the same partition as NTLDR itself. Make sure that stage1 and stage2 are NOT on a compressed volume, and that the files are NOT compressed by Windows.

let's say C: is the first partition on the first harddisk hence (hd0,0) is the GRUB name of this partition and C:\boot\stage1 is the NT name of the boot file

* To make the files stage1 and stage2 bootable from NTLDR:
C:\> grubinstall -d (hd0,0) -1 C:\boot\stage1 -2 C:\boot\stage2

When stage1, stage2, menu.lst are in C:\, use the following
C:\> grubinstall -d C:

* To make the installer detect the install location itself:
C:\> grubinstall -a -1 C:\boot\stage1 -2 C:\boot\stage2

* To make a boot floppy in A: (B: is not supported)
C:\> grubinstall -b -1 C:\boot\stage1 -2 C:\boot\stage2

- first released version

- added experimental FAT support (not released)
- added support for DOS partition names (ie. "C:" instead of "(hd0,0)") this works only on windows XP

- fixed bug with NTFS: hardcoded partition offset and clustersize replaced by information exposed by fsys_ntfs.c
- fixed FAT support
- added support for DOS path names (ie. C:\boot\stage1 instead of "C:/boot/stage1");
- code cleanup

- removal of quotes from command line
- support for writing to a diskette

- bugfixes for win32_filepos and current_pos
- corrected debug info: use format %I64u (MSVCRT.DLL) instead of %llu (glibc)
- added option to write to a bootdisk image to a file

- added autodetect '-a' command line option to probe disks+partitions

- renamed ntfsinstall to grubinstall
- improved support for DOS names grubinstall -d C:
- somewhat improved (?) error messages
- added an alternate grub name option

- corrected GRUB names (use PartitionNumber instead of entry number)
- added '-B' option, so now it can be installed on any drive
- -m '' now works to install without menu

- fix bug in using PartitionNumber (of OBI1 type :-)

- no changes. 9c contained a debug-version of stage2

- no changes.

- compile in bugfix for fsys_ntfs.c from original author

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