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CyberLink Media Entertainment

 CyberLink Digital Home Solutions – Remote Access to Media Anywhere

CyberLink is leading the way with new media playback and interactive technologies, providing advanced solutions for enjoying movies on the PC.

3D Playback for Blu-ray Movies

PowerDVD takes the home theater PC to the next level of excitement with support for 3D Blu-ray movie playback. By leveraging the power of the latest graphics processing hardware and imaging technologies, PowerDVD enables the playback of 3D Blu-ray movies, and converts video files and DVD movies into 3D visuals.

Managed Copy for Blu-ray Movies

The latest changes in the rules governing Blu-ray Disc movie copyright now gives consumers greater control over their personal use of purchased titles. PowerDVD supports the new managed copy rules by allowing additional-use duplication to a local hard disk.

Motion-Based Interaction

CyberLink continues to push the boundaries of movie entertainment with the next generation of interactive applications including advanced solutions for motion-controlled PC devices.
New features will allow users to navigate their titles with intuitive hand gestures and without the need for a remote control or keyboard and mouse.

The Live Movie Experience

Integration of social networking features like "Quick Comments" allows consumers to share their movie experience with friends as it happens. PowerDVD enables the publishing of tweets to Twitter and status updates to Facebook as a movie is playing.