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CyberLink Mobile TV Solution

The complete mobile TV entertainment software

CyberLink Mobile TV Solution provides support for a growing range of popular standards and operating systems. CyberLink´s "standard agnostic" mobile TV player provides automatic switching between DVB-H, DVB-IP and T-DMB standards, enabling a hassle-free solution for mobile TV users who move between countries. Support for conditional access and digital rights management gives users a wider selection of accessible TV content via pay-TV subscription services.

Multi-Standards Support:
  • Standards-agnostic TV player supports multiple standards: DVB-H, T-DMB, and DVB-IP.
  • Support for Multiple device: mobile phone, PDAs and other portable media devices
  • Supports Windows Mobile and Linux operating systems
  • Interoperability with DVB-IP datacast, bmcoforum, Modeo and OMA BCAST
  • Interoperability with leading TV receiver solutions
Rapid TV Deployment Solution:
  • Modular design for easy integration and customization
  • Open architecture design
  • Complete software development kit

CyberLink develops software multimedia solutions for PCs and CE devices to leading brands in the IT industry. Today, CyberLink is extending its advanced video codec and TV technologies to enabling digital multimedia on mobile and portable devices. We offer solution integration and customization support to original device manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers, broadcasters and work closely with major TV tuner and TV chipset for seamless compatibility that delivers the best Mobile TV user experience.

CyberLink Mobile TV Solution includes functionality for:

  • Playing HE-AAC v2/ER-BSAC/WMA audio and H.264/VC-1 video received over a broadcast carrier.
  • Highly efficient H.264 video decoder for mobile devices.
  • Highly efficient HE-AAC v2/BSAC audio decoder for mobile devices.
  • TV Application - consisting of TV A/V Presentation, Channel Selection, and ESG/EPG Presentation modules.
  • [DVB-H] Parsing and displaying ESG data, which is XML-based content.
  • [DVB-H] Capturing and de-multiplexing IP packets which can contain either ESG-related data over a FLUTE/ALC protocol, H.264 video payload over a RTP protocol, or HE-AAC v2 payload over a RTP protocol.
  • [DVB-H] ESG Handling - for handling ESG bootstrap data, ESG XML Fragments, Data Repositories, etc.
  • [T-DMB] MPEG-2 TS Parser/MPEG-4 SL/OD parser - To parse the transport stack of T-DMB into A/V bitstreams.
  • Full screen TV display
  • Tuning the receiver
  • TV recording
  • Favorite channel settings
  • Support ESG with channel preview
  • Support datacasting, pay-TV, and interactivity
  • Personal media file management
  • Multi-language support
  • User-friendly interface

System Requirements for CyberLink Mobile TV Solution

  • Processor: ARM-based CPU 400 MIPs and above
  • Memory: 8 MB
  • Receiver: DVB-H, T-DMB
  • Operating Systems: Windows CE, Linux, Nucleus