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MADNESS SALE Ends March 22 Get special bonus with every purchase!
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CyberLink Technology

CyberLink is a world leader in camera software solutions. Thanks to advanced face detection and recognition technologies, it has developed some of the most innovative and popular photography applications available on the market today.

  • Powerful photo editing tools
  • HDR photography software
  • Powerful photo processing software

Pixel-Precise Facial Feature Detection

  • Instant Face Mapping

    Before we can apply beautifying changes to a user's selfie, it is necessary to accurately map the facial features. CyberLink has developed technology that allows for high quality, spatially accurate and intelligent face maps.

    A highly precise map is generated by collecting data from numerous surveyed data points on the face along a huge 30° plane of rotation from the frontal view. Once data on an individual's unique facial features has been analyzed, beautifying tools such as teeth whitening, jawline contouring and makeup can be applied both accurately and realistically.

Instant Face Beautification

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13
  • Instant Beautifying Technology

    CyberLink has developed real-time beautification technology that is perfect for instantly improving portraits taken with mobile apps. Users can choose the level of improvement they want, from subtle to glamorous.

  • Youthful Skin

    Remove lines, freckles, blemishes and imperfections, for baby-smooth skin

  • Face Lift

    Automatically detects the contours of your face to help you achieve the desired shape.

  • Flawless Complexion

    Brighten skin tones, remove unwanted shines and add a natural blush, for that healthy glow.

  • Bright Eyes

    Enlarge your eyes, eliminate tired dark circles, and remove redness, for a gaze that shines.

True-to-Life Makeup

CyberLink virtual makeup technology brings makeup products to life by simulating how they will look on a person's own face. Based on CyberLink's cutting-edge face- and skin-mapping technology, every detail of an individual's face shape and contours is carefully analyzed and photo-realistically rendered for accurate, life-like visualizations.

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13
  • Smart Detection of Facial Features

    CyberLink's precise facial detection accurately senses facial features and overlays realistic cosmetics on selfies and portrait photos, allowing users to choose a range of true-to-life makeup styles to fit one's personality and lifestyle.

  • Makeup Looks with Hundreds of Tools & Colors

    CyberLink's makeup designs include an array of cosmetic tools to enhance eyes, eyebrows, skin, lips and teeth. Users can mix, match and try hundreds of different lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, or foundation color combinations. The extensive collection of makeup colors allows you to create and save your own color palettes.

Perfect Group Shots

As photo collections grow, and people take more and more shots with capture devices that have become virtually ubiquitous, CyberLink has developed technology that not only makes it easier to manage large numbers of media, but also ensures the shots you do take are worth keeping.

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13
  • Face Recognition

    Organizing photos in your library is effortless with automatic face tagging. Intelligent tagging features identify people in new photos based on faces that have previously been detected and tagged.

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13
  • Face Swap

    Compose the perfect group shot by merging multiple group photos and selecting the best instances of faces to use in the final, perfect composite. Otherwise you can let CyberLink technology automatically choose faces with the best smile and liveliest eyes, using its unique algorithm. Perfect group shots every time.

Personalized PC Security

  • Webcam Face Login

    Face Login - Faster, Safer & More Convenient

    No more typing in lengthy usernames and passwords. With CyberLink's unique Face Login technology, you just look at your webcam for a moment, as the software scans your face, detecting the individual features and comparing them to an image of you stored in its database.

    You can use Face Login to access Windows as well as a list of popular websites (check here for the complete list).

    In a few simple steps you can set up Face Login so that you never have to worry about remembering your username and password ever again. Choose the security level you want—when the accuracy setting is configured to "high" you'll be asked to blink your eyes during the Face Login process. No bypassing the security settings with printed photos!

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13
  • Webcam Face-out

    PC Protection Even When You're Not Watching

    CyberLink's Face-out technology is able to detect when a user leaves their computer and can automatically lock the screen, sleep, or hibernate the PC to better protect data.

    The interval before Face-out takes the above actions is easily adjustable in the configuration panel.

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13