Introducing CyberLink Director Family
Video Live Broadcasting
CyberLink’s years of leadership in video editing and playback technology has allowed us to develop outstanding platforms for video streaming. Our unique tools allow presenters to broadcast, organize and repurpose presentations, while gamers and bloggers can livecast direct to popular streaming platforms.


  • Live Presentations

    CyberLink’s unique streaming technology goes beyond just screen sharing. PowerPoint presentations can be integrated into live webinars with real-time chat for audience engagement. Backed by CyberLink’s video editing know-how, presenters can even annotate on live presentation and include webcam footage as an adjustable PiP object.


  • Stream from PC or gaming console

    CyberLink’s live streaming solutions provide high-resolution, low latency streaming performance for users who want to stream content direct to popular online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitch. This technology is not limited to the PC, with the ability to also livecast from connected gaming consoles with integrated webcam footage as a PiP opening up even more possibilities to online broadcasters.

  • 360° Live Stream to Online Platforms

    Live stream video from 360° cameras devices to online platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. 360° streaming video can be enjoyed by users using the latest MR or VR headsets and PowerDVD or Power Media Player MR. Powerful video processing and compression allows for stutter-free video streaming with minimum buffering resulting in reduced latency.


  • Intelligent Indexing of Presentations

    CyberLink’s intelligent indexing engine allows presentations to be arranged into chapters based on PowerPoint slides, allowing for presenters and viewers to quickly search for an find sections within lengthy webinars.

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