Testimony of Power2Go

CyberLink Power2Go burning software is quite easy to use, and is easy to handle from an IT perspective.

Our clients regularly back up their data by burning it onto a disc. Power2Go offers a very visual, drag-and-drop, way to burn files.  The fact that it is so easy-to-use means that IT is rarely requested to teach our clients how to operate the software.  The added benefit for using Power2Go is that protecting data burned to disc with a password ensures even better security, as our clients’ data is highly confidential. 

As for deployment, Power2Go supports the Microsoft Installer (.msi ) format, which is very easy to deploy across an entire organization.

As a cost saver, CyberLink’s licensing program allowed us to purchase Power2Go along with PowerDVD. This delivered huge savings to us.

I would like to recommend Power2Go to other organizations like ours.


Keith Forshaw
Service Standards Coordinator