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12 Days of Christmas Ends Dec. 26 Save Extra 20% Storewide with Coupon: XMAS20
CyberLink Windows® 10 Update Center
Enrich Your Windows® 10 Experience with CyberLink Multimedia Software

Why Choose CyberLink Products for Your Windows 10 PC?

Compatibility Guarantee

Will my current CyberLink software work on Windows 10 systems?

CyberLink has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that upon the official release of Windows 10, all CyberLink’s key desktop and mobile software is compatible with the new operating system. Check if your existing CyberLink software is compatible by using our Windows 10 diagnostic tool.

No More Windows Media Center

How do I watch my premium H.265 and HD movies with Windows 10?

Windows Media Center is no longer part of Windows. That means if you’ve traditionally used Windows media playback tools to enjoy your entertainment, you’re going to have to find another option. A popular choice for many—in fact with over 300 million copies sold, arguably the most popular choice—is PowerDVD. PowerDVD plugs all the gaps left by Microsoft’s removal of Windows Media Player and much, much more! Take a look at the PowerDVD product page to see why people choose CyberLink to handle their media entertainment.

No Video Editing in Windows 10

With no more Windows Movie Maker how can I edit my videos?

Microsoft has removed Movie Maker as a default video editor in Windows 10. For the creative video makers out there, this is a great chance to try out the award-winning PowerDirector video editor. Not only is PowerDirector packed with pro-level features and performance that has led PCMag to hail it as the world’s fastest consumer editor, but it’s also consistently rated the most easy-to-use movie maker around. On top of this, PowerDirector is a high DPI application that will let you get the most out of Windows 10 DPI scaling improvements. It can adjust to different monitor settings and dynamic DPI changes so it looks consistently good across a wide variety of DPI display settings. Try out the free trial

Touch Optimized Apps

My PC’s touch-enabled. Is CyberLink software designed for touch on Windows 10?

CyberLink makes it easy for Windows 10 users to get the most out of their systems with award-winning applications for both “desktop” and “modern” interfaces. If your PC has a touchscreen, or if you’re using a Windows 10 tablet or hybrid, CyberLink offers a range of powerful Windows 10 mobile apps that allow you to watch all your favorite movies and videos, edit and upload video on-the-go, and get the most out of your onboard camera including robust sharing options!