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How do I determine which build number/SR number I currently have installed?

To determine the version and build number for most CyberLink software products, click the CyberLink logo or product name on the user interface (UI) within the program. An About window that contains information about the software will open. Or, you can click Help menu and select About [product name].

The version/build number is displayed as a series of numbers. Take PowerDirector 9 for example, 9.00.1018, in which 9 indicates the major version of that product and the double zero indicates the minor version. The 1018 indicates the build number, which is the program kernel number.

For most new versions of CyberLink products, there's also an SR Number in the About dialog box. It is a series of characters plus numbers. For example: VDE051102-01. Providing this SR number is very useful when you asking for technical support from CyberLink. It helps us determine the exact version of the program you are using quickly.

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