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Why can't I activate my CyberLink program?

The first time you launch the full version of a CyberLink program, you will see the activation dialog box. Enter your serial number for activation. Please ensure you have a valid serial number (also known as CD-key or activation key) and that you entered it correctly. If the [Next] button is still grayed out, please try one or more of the following:

  • Please double check the serial number you entered is correct. For example, the letter S is often confused with the number 5, and make sure there are no blank spaces in each column (before or after the actual serial number entry) Also, remember that the serial number is case-sensitive.

  • When starting up your CyberLink program, please right click on the product icon and then select "Run as Administrator" to launch the program.

  • Please do not right-click and paste an serial number using your mouse. Try to type your serial number manually in the activation dialog box.

  • Please temporarily disable anti-virus/ Firewall software, programs that scan or manage disk activity. These programs may conflict with the activation process.

  • Please ensure you install and activate the full program build of CyberLink product first, before you install the patch.

  • Ensure your Internet Explorer is not in offline mode, which may block the platform from connecting to our server. To uncheck offline mode, do this:

    1. Disable antivirus software, turn User Account Control (UAC) off temporarily, and then activate again.

    2. Launch IE > press "ALT" key => select "File" => uncheck "Offline mode"

    3. Reboot Windows to enter Safe Mode and then activate again.

    4. Try using another Internet connection, like a smart phone's 3G or another places' WiFi, and then activate again.


Note: The trial version of a CyberLink product cannot currently be activated to the full version directly. You must uninstall the trial and then reinstall the retail version.

If you still can’t resolve the problem, you can contact CyberLink Technical Support. Before contacting Technical Support, please prepare and include the information listed here. The more info you provide, the more we can understand your issue and better service will be provided.

Please also take a snapshot of error message with the serial number you have entered and describe your issue with installation steps in detail for our further assistance.


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