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How can I keep my CyberLink programs up-to-date?

There are two ways to keep your CyberLink programs up-to-date:

  • Download section on CyberLink Website
    CyberLink offers free updates for your programs. Basically, the updates will improve the performances and solve known bugs. The updates are for free and are available in the Software Update section. 
  • Product page on CyberLink Website
    From time to time, CyberLink will also come out with newer versions. Newer versions are a result of further research and development of technologies in our R&D lab, which offer more features and functions making programs more powerful and feature-rich. You are welcome to visit the CyberLink web site for information on the newest products and their latest features.
  • Through the Upgrade button on the UI
    Some newer version of CyberLink software provide an Upgrade button on the UI. If this button is clickable (enabled), it indicates there's an patch or upgrade available on the web site. Click this button and then follow the instructions on the page to upgrade your software.
  • Through program automatic notification
    In the latest version of CyberLink products, there is a pop-up window rising from System Tray of Windows Task Bar whenever an update is available. You can click the link in the pop-up window to download the update files.
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