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How do I enable hardware acceleration feature in CyberLink PowerDirector?

CyberLink PowerDirector supports hardware acceleration (effect processing, hardware decoding and encoding) with AMD/NVDIA/Intel graphics cards.

Please ensure you download and install the latest drivers from AMD/NVIDIA/Intel’s web site, and any related hardware acceleration software, for your computer's graphics card to enable this feature in CyberLink PowerDirector.

With hardware acceleration feature enabled, PowerDirector allows you to:

1. Speed up video effect render/preview

In the effect room, some of the video effects will have graphics card logo on it which means if your computer supports hardware acceleration. Depending on the graphics card you have, you may see either of the listed logos on the effect clips:
Speed up video effect render/preview in PowerDirector

If your graphics card driver supports OpenCL, you can accelerate video effect feature by using OpenCL. To enable this feature, go to [Preference] > [Hardware acceleration] > [Enable OpenCL technology to speed up video effect preview/render]

If your computer does not support Open CL, the wording on the UI will be replaced with the supported hardware acceleration technology: INTEL Effect Acceleration, NVIDIA CUDA, or AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing.

2. Hardware decode

To enable this feature, go to [Preference] > [Hardware acceleration] > [Enable hardware decoding]. Select this option to use hardware acceleration to decode the video during the editing process.

Note: This feature is not available under Windows XP.

3. Hardware encode

To enable this feature, go to [Produce] > [Fast video rendering technology] > enable [Hardware video encoder]

If your computer supports hardware acceleration, you can enable this feature to speed up rendering and burning time. Every graphics card that supports hardware encoder supports different output profiles.

Note: Accelerated video encoding on AMD graphics cards requires the user to install the AMD Media Codec Package, also known as the Avivo™ Package. This package is available as an optional download when obtaining an AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver for AMD desktop graphics and notebook graphics products, available at www.amd.com.

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