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What can I do if my PowerDVD does not work properly?

Regarding your problem, we suggest you try the following:

  1. Update your DVD ROM firmware and driver
  2. Update your VGA and sound card driver
  3. Close other applications while playback
  4. Lower the resolution and color depth to 1024*768, 16bits
  5. Visit Microsoft website to download the latest version of DirectX 
    Uninstall PowerDVD and then reinstall:
    (a) Start => Programs=> Cyberlink Power DVD (uninstall it)
    (b) Start => Run (keyin "regedit") => HKEY_Current_User => Software => Cyberlink => PowerDVD => delete the folder
    (c) Start => Run (keyin "regedit") => HKEY_Local_Machine => Software => Cyberlink => PowerDVD => delete the folder
    (d) Reboot
    (e) Install PowerDVD and patch file
  6. If you have further questions, please send us the system files to analysis. 

Start => Programs => Cyberlink Power DVD => System Diagnosis => Diagnostic, then wait 1~2 mins while the Cldma.log file is being created

Start => All Programs => Accessories => System Tool => System Information => Tools => DirectX Diagnostic Tool => Save All Information => DxDiag.txt created

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