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How do I obtain the access code for playing Fox Blu-ray movies with CyberLink PowerDVD?


CyberLink PowerDVD pops up message "We're sorry. In order to protect retailers against unauthorized distribution, you will need an access code to play this disc on your computer." when playing some Fox Blu-ray movies.


Fox Studios has incorporated a new content protection mechanism to protect retailers against unauthorized distribution for Blu-ray software players to play protected discs.


If users have an Internet connected computer and CyberLink PowerDVD with BD-Live enabled, a new access code will automatically be downloaded without any need for consumer interaction.

Otherwise, please follow the instructions displayed in CyberLink PowerDVD.



  • Depending on the language of the Fox Blu-ray titles, the instructions might not be displayed in your preferred language.
  • Instructions support keyboard entry only. The arrow keys are used to navigate the virtual keyboard and interact with the instructions.
  • Please find the customer service number in the instructions or contact Fox Studios (US only) if you have any questions regarding Fox Blu-ray movie playback.
  1. A card is displayed to let the user know that they need to connect their player to the internet. The card gives the consumer the option to "RETRY INTERNET" or "OBTAIN ACCESS CODE". An "FAQ" button is also available to provide additional information. If "RETRY INTERNET" is selected after connecting to the Internet, a new access code will automatically be downloaded and playback will begin.
    street locking instruction 1
  2. If a consumer chooses "OBTAIN ACCESS CODE" to enter the access code manually, a card is displayed that shows several methods for retrieving the code and a virtual keyboard for entering the access code once retrieved. The user can choose "RETRY INTERNET" to retry the internet connection, access the "FAQ" information, or enter the code and press “OK”.
    street locking instruction 2
  3. Please go to the following two websites to obtain an access code.


    The Twitter account is managed by Irdeto. Please manually enter the access code displayed on the Irdeto Twitter account.
    street locking access code 2

    The website is managed by Irdeto. Please manually enter the access code displayed on the website owned by Irdeto.
  4. If the consumer enters the code incorrectly, a card will be displayed to let the user know that the code is incorrect. Consumers will have the option to "RE-ENTER ACCESS CODE" to return to the previous screen to re-enter the code.
    street locking instruction 3



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