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How do I install, activate, and pair the PowerDVD Remote app with CyberLink PowerDVD?

PowerDVD Remote instantly turns your iOS or Android device into a remote control, wireless mouse pad and keyboard for PowerDVD on your PC.

Install PowerDVD Remote on your mobile device

  1. Launch iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store App on your device.

  2. Download and install the app that pairs with your PowerDVD version.

PowerDVD Remote Version
Pair with PowerDVD

PowerDVD Remote FREE
iOS Version | Android Version

  • PowerDVD Live
  • PowerDVD 18 Ultra / Pro / Standard
  • PowerDVD 17 Ultra / Pro / Standard
  • PowerDVD 16 Ultra / Pro / Standard
  • PowerDVD 15 Ultra / Pro / Standard
  • PowerDVD 14 Ultra / Pro / Standard
  • PowerDVD 13 Ultra / Pro / Deluxe
  • PowerDVD 12 Ultra
  • PowerDVD 11 Ultra / Deluxe


Pair PowerDVD Remote with PowerDVD

Before you can use PowerDVD Remote to control PowerDVD on your PC, you must first:

  1. Make sure PowerDVD Remote (on your mobile device) and CyberLink PowerDVD (on your PC) are connected to the same Wi-Fi (wireless) network.

  2. Launch PowerDVD on your PC.

  3. Select PowerDVD Remote under the Devices tab.

  4. Enable "Allow PowerDVD Remote to connect and control this computer" option.
    Note: PowerDVD 11, 12, 13 users can skip this step.

  5. Find the 4-digit passcode at the bottom of the window.

  6. Launch PowerDVD Remote on your mobile device and then click the name of your PC in the server list that has PowerDVD installed.
    Note: If you cannot find your PC in the server list, double check that you have followed the step1 and step3.

  7. Enter the 4-digit passcode to pair your mobile device and PC. You can now use PowerDVD Remote to control PowerDVD on your PC.

Activate PowerDVD Remote

Note: The user interface in the snapshots might differ slightly among PowerDVD versions.


Note: Make sure that multicast is enabled in the Wi-Fi router settings. If you have problem regarding the multicast settings, please contact your network service provider.


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