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What 360° video/photo formats are supported by CyberLink Power Media Player MR?

CyberLink Power Media Player MR supports the playback of 360° videos/photos that are in the equirectangular or packed equirectangular (3D 360°) projection format (looks like a world map view of the video sphere).

  • The equirectangular projection format of 360° video/photo:
  • The packed equirectangular projection format of 3D 360° video/photo:
    (The 3D 360° is saved as Over/Under 3D format in 1:1 aspect ratio as below.)


If the 360° video/photo file is not in the equirectangular/packed equirectangular projection format, you may need to use the tools that are included with your 360° video/photo camera to convert it. Most 360° camera tools/video editors that support 360° video/photo editing can output in this projection format.

If CyberLink Power Media Player MR did not detect your equirectangular format of 360°/3D 360° video/photo file, you can manually set the 360°/3D 360° video/photo by clicking on the  on the playback control bar -> Select 360°, or 3D 360° to set the format during the video playback.

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