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I can't play DVDs with PowerDVD. What can I do?

When you have this problem, normally one of three things has happened; (1) PowerDVD was not installed properly, (2) your drive has a problem or (3) the disc may not be compatible with the drive or it may need to be cleaned.

First, install PowerDVD again. Before commencing, close all unnecessary running programs. After installation, try playing the DVD in Windows Media Player to confirm that your system has no problem. If Windows Media Player can play the DVD, then the problem may lie with PowerDVD. If not, then your system has a more serious problem, and you will have to look to Microsoft for support.

It can also be your DVD-ROM that has a problem, so we recommend that you visit the manufacturer and download and install their latest driver for your model.

Finally, it can also be a disc problem; it may not be compatible with the drive or have some other problem. The solution is simply to try different discs.

If none of the above has provided a solution for you, it is time to get more into detail. To do this, you will have to submit a tech form, error message (print screen from your desktop) and both a Cldma.log file and DxDiag.txt file (see below how to create the latter two).


Start => All Programs => Cyberlink Power DVD => System Diagnosis => Diagnostic => wait 1~2 minutes for the Cldma.log file to be created.


Start => All Programs => Accessories => System Tool => System Information => Tools > DirectX Diagnostic Tool => Save All Information => the DxDiag.txt file to be crated.


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