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How do I pay by credit card?

Credit cards such as Visa, Eurocard/MasterCard and American Express are accepted by most asknet Online Stores.

For more precise information on the options supported by the store you wish to order from, please check the section "Payment Options" in the cart.

When ordering by credit card, please take note of the following when entering your credit card details to avoid error messages:

  • Enter your credit card number without gaps between individual numbers.
  • Please ensure that you enter the correct expiration date.
  • The CVV2 code refers to the three figure security code on the reverse of your credit card at the end of the signature strip. With American Express, the CVV2 code consists of a four-figure number on the front of your credit card which is on the right above the card number.
  • Once you have correctly entered your credit card details, the product will be supplied immediately after the order has been entered into our system. Electronically supplied products are generally available immediately.
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