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The serial number (license number) supplied is not being accepted.

If you receive an error message when entering your serial/license number this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • With an installed and activated test version: Does the software installed correspond to the product purchased?
  • If your serial number contains hyphens: Please try the serial number without the hyphens.
  • Typing mistake: Depending on the style of writing, it may not be possible to differentiate between a small 'L' and a '1' or between a capital 'o' and a '0'. Therefore, our customer service department recommends copying and pasting your serial number when possible. Please ensure that you are entering the serial number exactly as it appears, including capitalizing any letters.
  • When "copying and pasting": When copying the serial number from our order confirmation, please ensure that you do not also copy and paste any blank spaces before or after the serial number.
  • Did you install the product from an external CD-ROM or did you not download it from our customer account? If the latter is the case, please download it again from your customer account or install from the backup CD (if applicable) supplied.
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