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The CyberLink Application Manager progress freezes during the download and installation of my software. What can I do?

The speed of your computer and Internet connection determine how quickly a product downloads and installs in the CyberLink Application Manager. If the progress freezes during the download and installation process, please try one or more of the following:

Solution 1:
You can STOP the current downloading process. Close CyberLink Application Manager (CAM) and then launch the application again. After launch, click the Resume button next to the software's name.

Solution 2:
Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and temporarily disable any firewalls and anti-virus software. If you are trying to download using a wireless connection, please try the download over a wired connection.

Solution 3:
Make sure that you log in with a user account that has administrative permissions on your computer. If your account lacks administrator access privileges, the CyberLink installer might not be able to access the necessary files and folders it needs to complete the installation.

Solution 4:
Change product installation path. Click Preferences CAM to navigate to your desired installation location. Click OK and then start the Download and Install process again.


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