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What is the subscription agreement?

Subscription Plan

  • a) Type:
      Your subscription type is based on your selection of a monthly, quarterly or yearly plan.
  • b) Fees:
      The fees of your selected subscription plan are stated at the time of purchase plus applicable taxes.
  • c) Subscription begins:
    • (i)Completing the sign-up process; and
    • (ii)Full payment of the subscription fee via your credit card.
  • d) Renewal of subscription plan:
      Your contract (subscription plan) will renew automatically based on your selected subscription term.

    * If there is any adjustment in the subscription pricing at the end of your subscription period, we will inform you before any auto-renewal is applied.

  • e) Termination of subscription plan:
  • f) CyberLink Cloud Storage Service Data Purge Policy:

    90 days after the ending or expiration of your subscription plan. CyberLink will erase/delete all of your data files stored in the CyberLink Cloud storage. You will be notified via email 2 days prior to expiration of the subscription plan.

  • g) Time Zone:

    UTC + 0 (Universal Time, Coordinated) Time Zone.

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