FaceMe® Security

Enabling Facial Recognition for Smart Surveillance

Swiftly and effortlessly upgrade your business with facial recognition enhanced security

FaceMe Security is an out-of-the-box security and access control solution. It enables identity verification, attendance management, and access control through facial recognition, with real-time monitoring and alerts. Additionally, it can identify and track a person's movements using facial images or physical attributes. Integrated with major VMS offerings, FaceMe Security enables easier and more effective smart security management.
ip camera or face terminal secure access control
Secure Access Control
  • Personnel access control, record keeping, and database group management
  • Face-based access control through integrated VMS
  • Supports Wiegand access control system protocol
  • Integrated with automatic door switch DIDO I/O controller
  • Supports both IP cameras and face recognition terminals (FaceMe SDK integrated) to meet different environments
AI Smart Monitoring
  • Multi-channel real-time personnel recognition
  • Blocklist detection & notification
  • Search recorded videos by face, group, and location filters
  • Multi-channel live monitoring (VMR)
AI smart monitoring
VMS compatible
VMS Plug-in
  • Unified management interface
  • One-click synchronization with VMS database and security cameras
  • Instant alerts
  • Facial recognition video results tagged for ease of access
  • Search for faces in recorded VMS videos
Notifications & Alerts
  • Customizable employee groups for access control (i.e. IT, HR, RD, Sales, etc.)
  • Instant alert of VIP, blocklisted people, and strangers to the management console, email, or smartphones
  • Notification API provided for integration with 3rd party SMS communication software
  • Exclusive CyberLink U Messenger notifications already enabled (no integration required) providing name, location, date/time stamp, and captured video of person
instant notification alerts
accurate facial recognition even through masks
Masks & Protective Gear
People Tracker (add-on)
  • Expedite video surveillance investigations with powerful AI
  • Track people of interest using physical attributes (age, gender, clothing color, and more)
  • Re-Identify people of interest across multiple cameras and locations
fast investigations with AI powered People Tracker

Utilize surveillance for smart building security

FaceMe Security System Use Case Diagram

Industry-leading access control and security

accurate facial recognition even through masks

World-class precision, even on faces with masks

Top ranked globally in NIST's benchmarks. Accurate facial recognition even when obstructed by face masks and safety helmets.
one stop security management

A complete, one-stop smart security management experience

A fully integrated security system combining identity authentication, attendance management, access control, real-time video monitoring, notifications and alerts.
unique AI acceleration technology

Unique AI acceleration for reduced hardware costs

Optimized algorithm to support most low cost SoC's in the market.
flexible, multi-site support

Flexible architecture for multi-site deployment

Expandable from small offices to multiple building campus' with tens of thousands of people.

System Structure

The decentralized architecture of FaceMe® Security provides a high degree of configuration flexibility and high availability (HA). The workstation analyzes the characteristic values and compares them with the database in Central to identify the person and set the corresponding permissions. When the set conditions occur (for example: blocklist), Central can immediately notify relevant personnel through communications software, or VMS. An optional VMR function kit is also available, allowing security personnel to view multiple camera images and display identification results in real time.
FaceMe Security System Structure

Integration with leading VMS vendors and IP cameras

FaceMe Security integrates with the world's leading VMS and IP camera vendors, upgrading and empowering existing security surveillance systems with AI video analytics and facial recognition. By fully leveraging new computing capabilities of IP cameras with AI, optimal synergy between software and hardware can be achieved, helping reduce total cost of ownership. With excellent system design and computing power, FaceMe Security is a certified technical partner for many security systems.

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