eHRD Total Solution Introduction

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In this flat world, recruiting qualified people is not as hard as before. But how to train the employees, discover their abilities, evalue their performance, then maximize the company value is the most important mission that most companis need to accomplish.

CyberLink not only provides you the entire Digital Home Total Solution but also offer you the eHRD (Human Resource Develpoment) Total Solution for you to aggrandize your company.

Product Overview


CyberLink Training Management System
CTMS is an advanced training management tool for developing leading talent including the modules “Training Management Decentralization” and “Report-on-Demand” which respond to the needs of today’s multinational corporate training environments, helping organizations to adopt and manage systematic training as a corporate practice. Learn More


CyberLink Performance Appraisal System
CPAS is a professional HR system based on our outstanding technology, solid experience from customer and senior HR consultant. We help corporate achieve objective management and raise human capital with flexible appraisal system which can precisely catch potential employee. Learn More


CyberLink MaxCompetence System
CMCS is a complete competence appraisal and analysis system aimed directly at supporting a firm’s human resource development and behavior evaluations. CMCS supports the adoption of a range of evaluation types, such as 90-degree (manager assessment), 180-degree (manager and the employee), or 360-degree (manager, subordinate, peer, and the employee) review frameworks. Learn More


CyberLink Skill Assessment System
CASA is an enterprise system that solves the problem of corporate skill assessment. With the fully automated e-process and user-friendly web interface, managers and HRs are able to promptly develop the job descriptions and then check the skill inventory. Even better, the resulting can facilitate searching talents of required skills in the system. Basing on the required skills precisely defined by job descriptions, managers and Hrs are able to analyze the skill gaps with the system, and then initiate the improvement plans and process accordingly. Job descriptions are also an excellent reference for employees to recognize their job requirements and further plan for their future career paths. Learn More

Authoring Tool - StreamAuthor:

StreamAuthor 4 offers a powerful set of tools for creating compelling media-rich presentations using video, audio, PowerPoint slides, and other training materials. With an easy-to-use interface designed for non-professionals, users can quickly produce cost-effective yet high-quality e-learning content. Learn More