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Creating a Slow Motion Video

Slow motion is the unique technique which regularly used in cinema is the process of "overcranking". The slow motion technique used in sports replays. In PowerDirector, you can choose to import a slow motion clip captured by high speed camera, or use the PowerDirector video speed tool to slow down your video.

Importing 120fps Slow Motion Clips from Your Device

Some video capture devices support taking videos in high speed/ slow motion mode, for example, the new iPhone 5S, GoPro HERO3/HERO3+. However, if you were to export the video file from the phone, these slow motion settings are not applied to the video itself.

In CyberLink PowerDirector however, you can achieve the same results easily once imported into the program.


Following these steps to enable your high speed videos in PowerDIrector:

1. Add the imported video into the timeline.

2. Select the video you placed on the timeline and then click the Power Tools button.

3. Select the Video Speed option.

4. Next, select the Video speed adjustment option.

5. Drag the slider left to reduce the speed by 0.25 X.


Now click the play button under the preview window to view your slow motion video. If you like, you can speed up the video a little, or slow it down even more.

Note: the speed setting you should use depends on the selected timeline and output profile frame rate setting. 0.25x is for a frame rate of 30 fps.

Slow Down the Regular fps Videos

If you are using your camera to capture videos under regular fps, for example, 30fps or 24fps, you can still use PowerDirector's Video Speed tool to sow donw the video speed.


PowerDirector provide advanced frame interpolated technology, which will insert in-between frames when you are slowing down the video speed, to make it looks naturally smooth.