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May. 3, 2001
CyberLink VideoLive Mail 4 Chosen For Bundling with ASUS Brand Motherboards

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May 3, 2001----Taipei, Taiwan----CyberLink, a leading software developer of digital video and streaming multimedia software applications, today announced that CyberLink VideoLive Mail 4 has been chosen to be bundled with the full line of ASUS brand motherboards from leading manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc. VideoLive Mail helps to bring out the multimedia powers of your personal computer by letting you send creative, and more effective video mail. In partnership with a PC camera, users do not only have the ability to capture video and audio files, but also to save them in an advanced, highly compressed format saved in a convenient Windows Media Format (WMF), allowing recipients to view e-mail file(s) without the need for additional software.

ASUS, a leading high-end motherboard and PC hardware manufacturer, is committed to delivering products of highest quality and reliability. All ASUS motherboards produced today support Pentium®IV, Pentium®III, and AMD Athlon/Duron CPUs in AGP, PCI, CNR and ACR slot versions. ASUS also offers other peripherals and computing devices such as notebook computers, servers, CD-ROM drives, audio/video cards, SCSI cards, network cards, broadband and IA appliances. According to Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink Corp. "We are especially pleased that VideoLive Mail 4 is selected for the full line of advanced ASUS brand motherboards as a bundled software application that is valuable to all customers. VideoLive Mail uses advanced compression technology and supports multiple video input sources such as PC cameras and TV tuner cards, allowing users to easily create, send and view high quality video e-mails from any PC equipped with world acclaimed ASUS brand motherboards."

"VideoLive Mail is ideally suited to be bundled with the full line of ASUS brand motherboards because of its simplicity, stability and excellent compatibility. We are excited to be working with the digital video and streaming powerhouse, CyberLink, to combine the world's first and still the best video e-mail application with our ASUS brand motherboards available worldwide," says Jonathan Tsang, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

About VideoLive Mail
VLM 4.0 is the world's first video mail software program to record and directly send video mail files in Windows Media Format. There are no "exe" files, which means there is no possibility of viruses. Using the advanced MPEG-4 and WMA encoding techniques, the user can produce video mails of impeccable quality, with amazingly small files sizes. In addition, the audio portion of the file can be recorded in CD quality, at a bit rate of only 64 kbps. Users will find a newly designed and more powerful user interface with the new 4.0 version of VideoLive Mail (VLM). This new interface offers easy access to all of the programs advanced functions. It's as simple as just clicking a button!

Systems Requirements

Windows 95/ 98/ NT4/ 2000/ Me
Pentium MMX Processor at 166MHz or above, 32 MB RAM
Sound card, microphone and speakers
Video capture device (PC camera, Capture card, TV tuner, or DV camcorder)
VGA card with DirectDraw

Windows 95/ 98/ NT4/ 2000/Me
Sound card and speakers
Windows Media Player 6.01 or above

VideoLive Mail 4.0 is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Italian.

About CyberLink Corp.
CyberLink Corporation develops award winning software solutions utilizing digital video and audio kernel technology. The company fully utilizes the powers of today's personal computer and Internet connectivity to create new applications that maximize personal video entertainment, enhance visual communication and increase corporate productivity. Today, CyberLink offers two major product lines: Digital Video Applications and Streaming Multimedia Solutions. Digital Video Applications focus on providing video/audio playback and recording capabilities on the personal computer. These award-winning software applications are ideal solutions for building home theaters and digital video centers right from today's mainstream computers. Streaming Multimedia Solutions offer breakthrough technologies to stream and manage high-quality, media-rich contents on the Internet.

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