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The World's Top AI Facial Recognition Engine

Next Generation Facial Recognition


99.81% Accuracy

Top ranked globally in NIST’s FRVT 1:1 (verification) & 1:N (authentication) benchmarks with 99.81% accuracy


<0.000001 FAR

Less than a 1 in a Million chance of incorrectly authenticating an individual - <0.000001 False Accept Rate


100% Anti-spoofing

100% Anti-spoofing protection with advanced active and passive liveness detection against 2D and 3D fraud attacks


543.5 fps

Optimized up to 543.5 frames per second, high quality image resolution face matching occurs in less than 1 second


Genetec SDK Certified for integration into Genetec’s IP video surveillance and access control solutions

FaceMe Delivers Biometric Identity Verification and Vision AI Solutions

  • Precise and Responsible

    Bias-Free AI facial recognition software with both passive and active consent-based options.

  • ISO PAD Compliant

    FaceMe has passed iBeta ISO Level 1 & Level 2 liveness detection tests, proving that it can prevent fraud attacks by detecting impersonation and substitution attempts using 2D photos or 3D masks.

  • Versatile

    Cross platform support for multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Jetpack.

  • Easy Deployment

    FaceMe offers an SDK, Low-code API services, and plug-and-play solutions to help companies effortlessly design their own facial recognition solutions.

  • Hardware Optimized

    FaceMe is optimized for IoT / AIoT Edge Computing Devices; able to run on most hardware configurations, including CPU, GPU, VPU and SoC.

  • Scalable

    With FaceMe facial recognition technology, businesses of all sizes can easily expand with no limitation.

Advanced Technology and Features

  • Facial Recognition

    • Face detection
    • Face compare (1:1)
    • Face search (1:N)
    • Mask detection
  • Vision AI

    • Person detection
    • People counting
  • Anti-Spoofing

    • General 2D Camera
    • 3D Depth Camera
    • IR+RGB Camera module
    • ISO/PAD Compliant
  • Age, Gender, and Emotion Detection

    • Gender
    • Age
    • Facial expression
    • Head orientation

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Time and Attendance

Smart Banking

Smart Retail

Software Built for Your Success

  • Cross-Platform Facial Recognition Engine for AIoT/IoT

    • Fast integration with edge-based AIoT/IoT devices
    • Support for multiple AI inference engines
    • CPU / GPU / VPU Hardware Acceleration
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  • An Universal Web-based Facial Recognition API Service

    • Flexible HTTPS API development platform
    • Supports load balancing and failover functions support to ensure 24/7 operations
    • Built-In API testing tools for immediate validation
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  • Facial Recognition for Surveillance and Access Control

    • Facial Recognition for Surveillance and Access Control
    • Integration with VMS (video management systems)
    • Access control, staff check-in/outtime and attendance
    • Live monitoring & real-time alerts
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