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Universal Facial Recognition API Platform

Flexible Deployment of Facial Recognition for Any Solution

FaceMe® Platform is an on-premise and server based facial recognition API system. It supports various OS’ (Windows, Red Hat, and CentOS) that can be accessed through web browsers. FaceMe® Platform enables you to add facial recognition applications for many scenarios, such as ID verification, secure system login, and equipment access control. These applications cover many industries including financial, hospitality, retail, and government.

Flexible Development Platform

Easy to develop, accurate, and flexible.

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Use Case

Failover handling and load balancing.

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Facial Recognition Features

Face detection, face search, and face match.

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Management Console & Testing Tools

Comprehensive management features for developers to monitor system status and test APIs.

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Solutions Powered by FaceMe Platform

Check out our solutions or leverage the FaceMe Platform to develop your own!

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Flexible Development Platform

FaceMe® Platform is an easy-to-use solution built to meet the needs of developers. Consistently earning top rankings from NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology), FaceMe® Platform’s facial recognition technology is amazingly accurate.

FaceMe® Platform consists of Central server (console), API’s, and system services, such as event logs and notifications. Through API’s it can enable services – such as 2-factor authentication – on any device with a web browser. Furthermore with support for Docker, developers can streamline installation and deployment of FaceMe® Platform on Red Hat Linux quicker and easier.

Banking - Identification & Authentication

Improve security of financial data and information by adding facial verification 2-factor authentication. FaceMe® Platform enables financial institutions to seamlessly incorporate employee facial verification to access sensitive company information from any device, from any location, without disruption to employee workflow.

Factory - Time & Attendance, Access Control

Achieve automatic clock-in/out of factory staff with FaceMe® Platform. Even when staff are wearing helmets, face masks, or both, FaceMe® Platform’s face recognition is incredibly accurate, helping to maintain safety while also managing employee clock-in/out.

Facial Recognition Features

FaceMe® Platform provides a comprehensive toolset for developing face recognition solutions.

  • Face Detection

    FaceMe® Platform reliably provides face detection in milliseconds, even if faces are poorly lit, occluded (with masks), or in motion.

  • Facial Template Extraction

    An n-dimensional vector set ("template") is extracted from a facial image.

  • 1:1 Face Match (Comparison)

    Verifies identity by comparing an extracted facial template to previously identified images.

  • 1:N Face Search

    1:N search compares a facial template with pre-enrolled faces in the database to find the best match and confirm a person's identity.

  • Age, Gender, & Emotion Detection

    Identifies characteristics such as age, gender, and mood, enabling customized ads and targeted marketing for smart retail, as well as collecting visitor statistics.

  • Image Quality Check

    FaceMe® Platform verifies the quality of an image for any subpar conditions (blur, low light, etc.).

  • People/Face Management

    Add, delete, and update information about a person. Face management also does the same for specific facial images.

  • People Grouping

    Group people according to specific criteria. Use groups as a target to apply a 1:N search, or on a video feed to perform facial recognition.

  • Anti-Spoofing

    FaceMe® Platform supports liveness detection with 2D cameras, enabling anti-spoofing functionality using cameras on phones and tablets.

Management Console & Testing Tools

The FaceMe Platform provides comprehensive management consoles and API testing tools for developers to monitor and test functionalities.

  • Developer Dashboard

    Developer Resources

    Recognition Records

    Database Management

    Developer Settings

    API Testing Tools

  • The web-based management console’s live dashboard provides the current system status, alerts, and logs.

Solutions Powered by FaceMe Platform

In addition to powering software programs, FaceMe also provides out-of-box, web-based solutions that can be deployed onto any device equipped with a web browser.

  • FaceMe® TimeClock

    Designed for smart offices, FaceMe TimeClock provides a clock-in/out interface that can be deployed on any browser-enabled device.

    FaceMe TimeClock also provides a web-based interface for administrators to enroll employees, manage databases, and check the overall attendance rate of an organization or attendance record of a specific employee.

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  • FaceMe® Smart Retail

    Intended for retailers, FaceMe Smart Retail produces analytics reports from in-store cameras. Data on the number of visitors, peak hours, demographics, and facial expression can all help enhance customer satisfaction!

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  • FaceMe Platform Brochure
    FaceMe Platform Brochure
    Universal Facial Recognition API Platform
  • FaceMe Platform Datasheet
    FaceMe Platform Datasheet
    Universal Facial Recognition API Platform
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