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FaceMe® Security

Enabling Facial Recognition for Smart Surveillance

Security Control | Identify Verification | Mask Detection | Temperature Measurement

What is FaceMe® Security

Designed for smart surveillance, FaceMe® Security is a value-added software that runs on PC, workstations, servers, and VMS (video management systems).

It can detect individual faces within a crowd and match them with a database profile, even if they are wearing a mask. It can also display their body temperature, show any non-compliance or block-listed people at a glance, and send real-time alerts to security personnel.

How does it work?

FaceMe® Security provides a complete end-to-end surveillance solution. On the edge-side installation, FaceMe® Security Workstation runs on GPU/VPU equipped computers for real-time face detection, identity verification and facial feature extraction. The FaceMe® Security Health Add-on checks mask wearing compliance and body temperature.

FaceMe® Security Central provides a web-based console to manage the face database, configure IP cameras, and inform relevant personnel about registered visitors, VIPs, block-listed people, or employees entering each monitored area.

Compatible with Mainstream VMS (Video Management Systems)

FaceMe® Security’s notification API supports mainstream VMS (video management systems), including Milestone, Network Optix Nx Witness and VIVOTEK VAST2. Through the integration, FaceMe® Security can detect and recognize tagged personnel, such as VIP, block-listed or employee, entering surveillance cameras, and trigger real-time notification to VMS, to notify security guards with real-time events.

Key Features

* Selected models of thermal camera are required for temperature measurement

FaceMe® Security Health Add-On

The FaceMe® Security Health Add-on is the ultimate and most inobtrusive health-monitoring solution for any facility. The AI engine recognizes if a person is wearing a mask properly over the nose and mouth, verifies identity, and measures temperature. Upon detecting a person with a fever or someone not wearing a mask, an instant notification is sent to security personnel with the person's picture to take further actions.

Health Screening Station

* Selected models of thermal camera are required for temperature measurement

Instant Alert

Mask Detection & Identity Verification

Even when someone is wearing a mask, FaceMe® Security Health Add-on provides an authentication accuracy rate of up to 95%. It identifies spoofing or improper use of masks while detecting acceptable face coverings, even if someone is not looking straight into the camera.

  • Up to 95% accuracy for authentication of mask-wearing individuals

  • Spoofing prevention for improper use of masks.

  • Ability to detect masks of different materials and types.

  • Detecting masks in various camera angles.

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    Designed for smart surveillance, FaceMe® Security is a value-added software that runs on workstations, servers and VMS (video management systems).

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