FaceMe facial recognition integrates Genetec to realize smart security and access control management applications

FaceMe® Security

Enabling Facial Recognition for Smart Surveillance

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Genetec is a global leader in intelligent and innovative networked physical security products, services, and solutions. From the beginning, Genetec's focus has been to deliver innovation that makes life work better. Genetec's Security Center VMS is built from the ground up to unify all of a customer's data so that they can manage security policies, monitor events, and run investigations.

System Structure

The decentralized architecture of FaceMe® Security provides a high degree of configuration flexibility and high availability (HA). Taking in video streams from Genetec Security Center, the workstation analyzes the characteristic values and compares them with the database in Central to identify the person and set the corresponding permissions. When the set conditions occur (for example: blocklist), Central can immediately notify Security Center to take action. Additionally it can trigger 3rd party access control systems (via DIDO and Wiegand protocols) and send notifications to communication software (i.e. Slack, Teams, Line, U Messenger).
System Structure

Security Center + FaceMe® Security

Genetec Security Center has an extensive ecosystem that lets customers expand their system with the technology they need in order to face emerging threats. FaceMe® Security is a best-of-breed partner with Security Center, unified to provide users with comprehensive facial recognition in surveillance. Security Center's Visual Tracking function combined with FaceMe®'s facial recognition greatly speeds up video investigations, improving safety and security.

Key Benefits of adding FaceMe® Security

Integrated with Genetec Access Control
Integrated with Genetec Access Control
When FaceMe® Security recognizes someone enrolled in the database, it will push notification to Security Center. Security Center determines if the person has access permission or not, and triggers the door unlock or push event to the access control system.
Search by Face with FaceMe® Locator
The FaceMe® Locator plug-in enables Genetec users to search by face. In 3 easy steps, users can start a search with a facial image, view a list of matching results, and apply Genetec's Visual Tracking feature.
Search by Face with FaceMe<sup>®</sup> Locator
Fast and Effortless Search
Select a facial image (from an image file or recorded video), input date, time, and camera location.

Click on an event from the quickly generated search results to playback a video file.

Use Genetec's Visual Tracking feature to switch between videos from one camera to the next, visually tracking a person's path.
Easy Database Synchronization
Instant synchronization with one click, or set automatic regular synchronization of people database from Genetec to FaceMe® Security.
Easy Database Synchronization
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