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Jun. 13, 2024 CyberLink Releases FaceMe® Security Version 7.15, Enabling More Proactive and Flexible Security
May. 24, 2024 CyberLink FaceMe® Facial Recognition Integrates with MediaTek’s Genio 510 IoT Platform to Deliver a 4.7X Performance Boost
May. 7, 2024 CyberLink’s FaceMe® Facial Recognition Service Platform Achieves ISO 27001:2022 Certification for Information Security Management
Mar. 20, 2024 Generali Vietnam Life Insurance Company Implements CyberLink FaceMe® Facial Recognition for eKYC Digital Identity Verification
Feb. 26, 2024 Logsafe HRMS Integrates FaceMe® to Power Facial Recognition Time and Attendance
Jan. 29, 2024 CyberLink’s Facial Recognition Engine, FaceMe®, Powers 2-Factor Biometric Authentication Solution for South Korean Banking Sector
Nov. 30, 2023 CyberLink FaceMe® Security Integrates with Genetec Security Center to Enhance Investigations and Secure Access Control with AI Facial Recognition
Oct. 17, 2023 FaceMe® Ranks First in NIST FATE Test for Presentation Attack Detection (PAD)
Oct. 4, 2023 CyberLink FaceMe® Security Integrates with Hanwha Vision Wisenet WAVE VMS to Enable AI Facial Recognition
Sep. 28, 2023 CyberLink Partners with TERMINOLOGY to Enhance Point of Sale Terminals with FaceMe Facial Recognition, Facilitating More Secure and Convenient Transactions
Sep. 21, 2023 CyberLink’s Facial Recognition Engine, FaceMe®, Adopted by Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. to Support Their "NAVINECT® Edge" Digital Transformation (DX) Service in Japan’s Manufacturing Industry
Sep. 8, 2023 CyberLink FaceMe® Achieves Face Recognition Certification from Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)
Aug. 23, 2023 CyberLink Launches FaceMe® Platform 5.4, a Complete API Solution for Facial Recognition
Jul. 27, 2023 CyberLink FaceMe Facial Recognition Integrates with Simpello to Provide Secure Frictionless Experiences Within Hospitality and Retail
Jun. 14, 2023 Revolutionizing Surveillance with FaceMe Security: Harnessing the Edge Computing Capabilities of AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP)
May. 31, 2023 CyberLink Partners with Kdan Mobile to prevent fraud in eKYC e-Signature process with FaceMe Facial Recognition
May. 25, 2023 CyberLink FaceMe® facial recognition integrates with MediaTek’s Genio 700 IoT Platform to deliver a 6.5X performance boost
Apr. 24, 2023 CyberLink Releases People Tracker®, Using the Latest in AI Technology for Greater Surveillance and Security.
Mar. 8, 2023 Cyberlink, Macnica, and GROOVE X Announce Smart Family Robot Collaboration
Feb. 22, 2023 Yuanta Life selects CyberLink FaceMe eKYC & Fintech solution to strengthen identity verification in remote insurance service
Dec. 14, 2022 CyberLink’s FaceMe® Receives FIDO Alliance UAF Level 1 Certification
Dec. 2, 2022 Entering the South Korean Market: CyberLink and UNIONCOMMUNITY launch next-generation access control hardware
Nov. 22, 2022 New CyberLink Report Finds Over 131 Million Americans Use Facial Recognition Daily and Nearly Half of Them to Access Three Applications or More Each Day
Oct. 4, 2022 CyberLink’s FaceMe Security Bundled with ASUS Mini PCs: Partnership delivers a lightweight turnkey security control solution designed for at-home and small business use
Sep. 23, 2022 CAC Corporation integrates CyberLink’s FaceMe Facial Recognition into the POS terminals of their Unmanned Ministop Store
Sep. 8, 2022 CyberLink’s FaceMe Facial Recognition technology integrated with Genio, MediaTek’s New AIoT Platform to Enable Edge Based Facial Recognition
Jul. 19, 2022 Good Finance Chooses CyberLink’s FaceMe® Facial Recognition Technology to Perform Identity Verification for Its Online Banking Services
Jun. 16, 2022 Toyota Motor Corporation Adopts ITOCHU Techno-Solutions’ “Vehicle Inspection Information System,” Integrated with CyberLink’s FaceMe Facial Recognition, for Vehicle Quality Control
Jun. 9, 2022 CyberLink Releases FaceMe® TimeClock and Smart Retail, Expands Its Facial Recognition Offering
Apr. 27, 2022 CyberLink Announces the Release of FaceMe® Platform, a Complete API Solution for Facial Recognition
Apr. 21, 2022 CyberLink Joins FIDO Alliance, an Open Industry Association for Authentication Standards
Apr. 15, 2022 CyberLink Announces the Integration of Its FaceMe® Security
Facial Recognition Software with AXIS Camera Station
Mar. 22, 2022 CyberLink's FaceMe® Achieves Perfect Score in iBeta's Advanced Level 2 Anti-Spoofing Test and Complies with ISO 30107-3
Jan. 14, 2022 CyberLink to Showcase Smart Retail Solutions at NRF 2022
Dec. 10, 2021 CyberLink Releases FaceMe® Security 7.0, Coining Game-Changing “VMR” Console and Introducing a Wealth of Enhancements to the Surveillance and Access Control Software
Dec. 7, 2021 CyberLink’s FaceMe® Brings Best-in-Class Facial Recognition to Bitkey’s Smart Office Platform, “workhub”
Nov. 15, 2021 CyberLink’s FaceMe® Compliant with iBeta Level 1 Requirements – Anti-Spoofing Technology Detects & Rejects 100% of Facial Presentation Attacks
Oct. 19, 2021 CyberLink Partners with FaceScan to Implement FaceMe® Facial Recognition in Temperature Screening Kiosks
Aug. 20, 2021 CyberLink Partners with QNAP to Develop a Smart Facial Recognition Solution for Surveillance and Security
Aug. 11, 2021 CyberLink Release an Update to FaceMe® Security by Adding Live Video Monitoring and Video Recording Functionalities
Jul. 28, 2021 CyberLink's FaceMe® Ranked Top 3 in Face Anti-spoofing Challenge at ICCV 2021
Jul. 6, 2021 CyberLink's Facial Recognition Technology Partners with ASUS Edge Computing Single-board Computers to Create Smart IoT/AIoT Applications
May. 20, 2021 CyberLink Partners with ACE Biotek Integrate Facial Recognition into Temperature Screening System to achieve a 0.5 seconds of Access Control
Mar. 31, 2021 CyberLink Releases New FaceMe® Security – an End-to-end Facial Biometric Solution for Security, Access Control and Health Checks
Feb. 25, 2021 CyberLink Partners with Vypin to Integrate Facial Recognition into Security and Health Kiosk
Feb. 2, 2021 CyberLink Partners with Network Optix for Facial Recognition Integration into Video Management Systems
Jan. 28, 2021 CyberLink FaceMe® Tops Facial Recognition Vendor Test
Dec. 15, 2020 CyberLink Will Showcase New FaceMe® eKYC and Fintech Solutions at CES 2021
Dec. 8, 2020 CyberLink’s FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine Ranks as a Top Ten Vendor in Latest NIST Leaderboard
Oct. 15, 2020 CyberLink Joins MediaTek’s AIoT Ecosystem
Oct. 13, 2020 CyberLink and Talma Partner to Integrate FaceMe® Across Operations in Select Latin American Airports
Oct. 6, 2020 CyberLink Adds Mask Detection and Temperature Measurement to its FaceMe® Security Solution
Sep. 30, 2020 CyberLink Brings AI Biometric Capabilities to VIVOTEK’s Video Management Platform VAST 2, Creating New Cutting-edge Integrated Security Solutions
Sep. 29, 2020 CyberLink Launches Expert-Led Webinar Master Series, FaceMe: AI & Face Biometrics for Safe, Exciting New Experiences
Aug. 18, 2020 CyberLink Introduces FaceMe® Health to Detect Masks, Verify Identity and Measure Temperature for Pandemic Control
Aug. 6, 2020 NTT DATA Integrates CyberLink FaceMe® into its Remote Retail Project at Tokyu Hands Concept Store in Shibuya
Jul. 30, 2020 Japanese Digital Key Platform Company Bitkey Inc. Adopts CyberLink FaceMe® To Enable Contactless Face Authentication
Jul. 30, 2020 CyberLink FaceMe® Enhances Facial Recognition Technology with Thermal Camera Imaging
Jul. 28, 2020 CyberLink Enters Strategic Alliance with Surveillance Solution Provider LILIN
Jul. 16, 2020 CyberLink and Municipal Parking Services Partner to Bring FaceMe® Facial Recognition to Sentry Health Kiosks™
Jun. 23, 2020 CyberLink FaceMe® Updates with New “Social Distancing” Features, including Mask Detection & Enhanced Facial Recognition Capabilities
May. 20, 2020 CyberLink Partners with Advantech to Enable FaceMe® Facial Recognition for Retail, Hospitality and Security AIoT Applications
May. 19, 2020 CyberLink’s FaceMe® Security AI Facial Recognition Announces Partnership with ASA Computers for Smart Visitor Management
Apr. 23, 2020 CyberLink FaceMe® Enables Facial Recognition on NEC’s All-in-One Personal Computers
Apr. 6, 2020 CyberLink FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Earns 99.7% Accuracy Rate, High Ranking on Industry-Leading NIST Leaderboard
Mar. 25, 2020 CyberLink announces partnership with Altek by integrating FaceMe® facial recognition to Altek AI BOX
Mar. 5, 2020 CyberLink to demonstrate FaceMe® AI facial recognition authentication solutions at Connect:ID 2020
Mar. 4, 2020 CyberLink announces partnership with IEI Integration Corp. bringing FaceMe® facial recognition to more smart AIoT solutions
Jan. 16, 2020 CyberLink and VIVOTEK Announce Strategic Partnership Combining Facial Recognition and IP Surveillance Solutions
Jan. 2, 2020 CyberLink Integrates FaceMe®AI Facial Recognition into iMedtac’s Smart Medicine Cabinet
Dec. 20, 2019 CyberLink Will Showcase the Latest Applications of its FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Solution at CES 2020
Dec. 19, 2019 CyberLink CEO Dr. Jau Huang Shares Insights on Edge Computing and Showcases FaceMe® AI-based Facial Recognition Engine at Intel Edge Computing Solution Summit
Dec. 12, 2019 CyberLink’s FaceMe® Cooperates with Advantech on AIoT Breakthrough, Showcasing New and Unmatched Level of Performance for its AI-based Facial Recognition Engine
Oct. 29, 2019 CyberLink Showcases FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Solution at IoT Tech Expo 2019
Aug. 27, 2019 CyberLink to showcase FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine at Global Security Exchange
Jul. 16, 2019 CyberLink to showcase FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine at RetailNOW 2019
May. 23, 2019 CyberLink to Showcase FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine at Computex 2019
Mar. 14, 2019 CyberLink to Showcase Award-winning AI Facial Recognition Engine FaceMe® and AIoT Solutions at Asia’s Leading Expo, “IoT Asia 2019”
Mar. 13, 2019 CyberLink to showcase FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine at DSE 2019
Feb. 14, 2019 CyberLink’s FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine Integrated in Syscom’s Ayuda Service Robot to Improve Customer Interactions
Jan. 21, 2019 CyberLink FaceMe® Provides Altek with Highly Secure 3D Anti-Spoofing Facial Recognition Solution
Jan. 7, 2019 CyberLink Introduces Smart AIoT Solutions Powered by FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine at CES 2019
Nov. 5, 2018 CyberLink FaceMe Wins the MegaFace Challenge, Earning a Top 20 AI Facial Recognition Engine Accolade
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