Jan. 29, 2024
CyberLink’s Facial Recognition Engine, FaceMe®, Powers 2-Factor Biometric Authentication Solution for South Korean Banking Sector

Taipei, Taiwan - January 30, 2024 - Leading AI facial recognition provider, CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), today announces a new collaboration with South Korean company, UNIONCOMMUNITY. In addition to the existing FaceMe® SDK integration into their UBio-X Face Premium terminal for access control, CyberLink's globally renowned FaceMe® facial recognition technology is now integrated into UNIONCOMMUNITY's latest server-based authentication solution, Ubio-ezPass. Currently, Ubio-ezPass is successfully implemented into a major South Korean financial institution and is expanding to other insurance and securities companies that require two-factor authentication for identity verification.

CyberLink FaceMe integrates with UNIONCOMMUNITY Ubio-ezPass

Ubio-ezPass utilizes the highly accurate FaceMe® facial recognition engine to provide two-factor authentication, enhancing user identification. This not only mitigates the risk of traditional single-factor password theft, but also addresses the security challenges of safeguarding personal and corporate data posed by the remote workforce. 

Already successfully implemented in a major South Korean financial institution, Ubio-ezPass capitalizes on FaceMe®'s cross-platform support and rapid recognition advantages to enable financial institutions to achieve dual-factor authentication objectives on existing information systems, rapidly upgrading information security architecture and enhancing security levels.

Seamless and Secure Two-Factor Authentication 

To help banking, financial services and insurance institutions achieve high-security specifications in a zero-trust architecture and address login security issues, Ubio-ezPass introduces dual-factor authentication. In addition to passwords, users are required to use their computer or mobile device's camera for secure facial recognition to verify their identity, controlling terminal device access and usage permissions.  

With Active Directory (AD), Single Sign-On (SSO), and HR attendance management system functionality, Ubio-ezPass leverages FaceMe®'s facial recognition and proprietary anti-spoofing technology to provide an enterprise-friendly, fast, simple, and secure two-factor authentication solution.

Enhanced Security with Facial Recognition 

The importance of ensuring personal and corporate information security of employees working in varying locations such as cafes, homes, and shared offices cannot be overstated. Ubio-ezPass utilizes FaceMe to detect user activity through the computer's built-in camera or external webcam, automatically logging out when the user is away. If an unauthorized individual’s face is detected attempting to look at the computer, the system issues an immediate warning and logs out.  

Boasting an accuracy rate of up to 99.83%, FaceMe®’s facial recognition engine has received multiple international certifications from various organizations, including Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States. Offering not only superior accuracy but also robust anti-spoofing capabilities, FaceMe® has achieved a remarkable 100% anti-spoofing performance in iBeta PAD (Presentation Attack Detection) Level 2 international certification and secured the top position in the Face Analysis Technology Evaluation (FATE) by NIST, proving its capability to withstand various photo and video spoofing attacks.

"Through the FaceMe® Face Recognition Engine, we are honored to enhance the security of internal authentication for the banking industry by implementing a two-factor authentication solution," said Mei Guu, President of CyberLink Business Unit 2. "Our collaboration with UNIONCOMMUNITY is not only a manifestation of technological innovation but also serves as a fundamental measure in preventing the genesis of financial incidents. We look forward to this innovative application preventing financial fraud and also expanding to other government agencies and enterprises, strengthening identity verification and access control mechanisms, effectively reducing the cybersecurity risks of sensitive information leaks." 



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