Ethically and Responsibly Harnessing the Power of AI
Last Update: Feb. 2024


CyberLink’s Commitment
As a world leading provider of multimedia software and facial recognition technology, with years of research in the field of artificial intelligence, CyberLink understands the importance of upholding ethical standards for AI solutions. Committed to addressing the demands of consumer, commercial and education markets through a wide range of solutions, covering digital content creation, multimedia playback, video conferencing, live casting, mobile apps and facial recognition, CyberLink is dedicated to designing, building and delivering AI solutions in a responsible and ethical manner.
How We’re Using AI
Director Suite 365
Equipped with an abundance of stock assets and a wide array of AI-powered, user-friendly editing tools, creators have everything at their disposal to produce exceptional content.
Optimized to deliver the market’s top AI facial recognition performance across platforms and hardware configurations for secure and accurate identity verification.


How We Adhere to the Protection of Safety, Security, Privacy, Fraud, and Equity
CyberLink’s use of AI for facial recognition is not built on a foundational model, nor does it do any machine learning, negating the need for safety testing concerns.
CyberLink understands the importance of safeguarding users and have implemented several practices such as, ensuring facial recognition templates cannot be reversed engineered and stolen.
CyberLink does not keep a global database – each instance is private, nor is data collected involuntarily. Users can request deletion of data at any time. You can learn more about our FaceMe privacy practices here and our general privacy practices here.
CyberLink guards against fraud by utilizing AI to detect the liveness of a person for facial recognition, and, once available, will refer to guidance from the US Department of Commerce on best practices for detecting AI-generated content created from our multimedia software.
CyberLink develops, distributes, and innovates in accordance with Global Human Rights Principles, prioritizing respect of all internationally recognized human rights and refusing to enable use cases that may infringe upon those rights.