Mar. 20, 2024
Generali Vietnam Life Insurance Company Implements CyberLink FaceMe® Facial Recognition for eKYC Digital Identity Verification

Taipei, TAIWAN – March 19, 2024 - Leading AI facial recognition provider, CyberLink (5203.TW), announced today that it has collaborated with Generali Vietnam Life Insurance Company to integrate facial recognition technology into Generali’s customer application service, GenVita. Using CyberLink’s highly accurate FaceMe® facial recognition engine and anti-spoofing technology for electronic know your customer (eKYC) identification and authentication, GenVita can securely and conveniently verify the identity of new customers applying for insurance services, or existing policyholders conducting online transactions. The implementation of facial recognition not only improves the user experience but is also one of Generali’s key actions in promoting their “Transparent Insurance” strategy.

Generali Vietnam Life Insurance Company Implements CyberLink FaceMe® Facial Recognition for eKYC Digital Identity Verification

Generali Vietnam is a pioneer in bolstering the mandatory implementation of e-KYC in the life insurance sector to enhance security, transparency, and customer experience. Two important processes eKYC is applied to are:


  • New policy application submission: after a new customer completes the account and facial information registration, the customer (policyholder or insured) must perform eKYC to confirm their identity during the policy application submission stage.
  • Policy service online transaction: existing policyholders can perform eKYC identity verification to access personal insurance information and conduct transactions. For example, policyholders can confirm new policies online, check policy information, apply for insurance claims, adjust policy information, change premium payment modes, apply for premium withdrawals, etc.


With facial recognition as part of the mandatory eKYC identity verification process, customers' transactions, personal information, and insurance contract content are protected.

Generali Vietnam chose CyberLink FaceMe® for biometric authentication due to its ability to meet the high security requirements necessary for online financial transactions and remote identity authentication. As one of the most advanced facial recognition engines available, FaceMe® has an accuracy rate of up to 99.83% and strong 2D and 3D anti-spoofing mechanisms. Top ranked by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in their presentation attack detection (PAD) Face Analysis Technology Evaluation and achieving iBeta level 2 certification in accordance with ISO 30107-3, FaceMe® is unmatched in terms of facial recognition accuracy and security.

Additionally, FaceMe® can be built on edge devices (such as mobile phones, tablets) or in-bank servers, and provides cross-platform support and optimization, allowing financial and insurance companies to more quickly develop exclusive applications using facial recognition.

"When developing financial technology, one of the common issues faced by banks and insurance providers is eKYC, and AI facial recognition is the most ideal solution for remote identity verification and authentication." Mei Guu, President of CyberLink Business Unit 2 stated, "We are honored that FaceMe® facial recognition technology can be adopted by Generali Vietnam. FaceMe® not only ensures the security of the eKYC process but will also help more organizations create innovative financial application services.”

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