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Dec. 10, 2021
CyberLink Releases FaceMe® Security 7.0, Coining Game-Changing “VMR” Console and Introducing a Wealth of Enhancements to the Surveillance and Access Control Software

 The new AI-based Video Monitoring and Recording (VMR) module, the first of its kind, brings a substantial overhaul to the console and related add-ons; and support of H.265 formats and DIDO I/O modules make the solution more relevant and accessible than ever

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — December 10, 2021 —CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a pioneer in AI and facial recognition technologies, today announced the newest update to FaceMe® Security, its premier facial recognition solution for surveillance and access control. Version 7.0 introduces the VMR Add-On, dramatically enhancing the software’s video management capabilities. The new module, a replacement to the Monitor Add-On, comes with gallery and floor plan view features that logically connect IP cameras and enable seamless, real-time video tracking of individuals’ journeys through the facilities. The updated version also introduces the ability to search for a person using an image of their face, and supports H.265 as well as DIDO I/O modules.

CyberLink Releases FaceMe® Security 7.0, Coining Game-Changing “VMR” Console and Introducing a Wealth of Enhancements to the Surveillance and Access Control Software

FaceMe® Security is a comprehensive AI-based surveillance solution integrating CyberLink’s market-leading facial recognition technology. It provides an expansive set of functionalities such as identity verification, time and attendance tracking, health check (mask detection and temperature measurement), live monitoring, and event-based alerts, for example, when detecting VIP or block-listed individuals. FaceMe® Security’s scalability and compatibility with most existing security system components and leading video management system (VMS) solutions make it the perfect value-adding complement to system integrators’ offerings, across any facility: from office, residential, and institutional buildings, to hotels, retail stores and warehouses, factories, and large industrial plants.

The latest FaceMe® Security (v7.0) update enhances four main areas:

VMR Add-On – Live Monitoring and Recording via IP Camera Video Streams

VMR Add-On – Live Monitoring and Recording via IP Camera Video Streams

The VMR Add-On (replacing the Monitor Add-On) is a software module that connects to FaceMe® Security and integrates all the features essential to video monitoring and recording. The console allows security personnel to monitor multiple video streams in real time, receive instantaneous alerts, and search recorded videos.

The new VMR Add-On Floor Plan View capability overlays live video feeds from IP cameras to the uploaded facilities’ floor plans, intuitively locating potentially problematic situations, following individuals of interest, and quickly intervening to address security issues. The Gallery View allows users to select and monitor up to nine streaming video feeds concurrently, each with their own layout by floor, area, purpose, or other relevant criteria. Additional options and user interface enhancements include enlarged thumbnails with detailed information, camera numbering for better identification, and more. 

FaceMe ® Security Central Management Console – Search People by Image, Customizable Groups




FaceMe ® Security Central Management Console – Search People by Image, Customizable Groups

The FaceMe® Security Central module, running on on-premise servers, provides centralized access to face database management, visitor history, event logs, and system configuration. In the 7.0 update, FaceMe® Security Central adds a new Search by Image feature, which can locate the visiting history of a specific person (e.g., potential thief) by uploading an image of their face. The new release allows the creation of customized groups of individuals based on profiles and characteristics that match organizations’ unique security needs. Each group can be assigned a distinctive color and pattern to easily visualize the corresponding individuals on the video feeds.


End-to-end Support for the Latest H.265 Video Formats

H.265 is the video compression standard supported in most of the latest IP cameras. Compared to the legacy H.264 format, H.265 reduces file size by 50 to 75% for comparable video quality, dramatically increasing the number of hours of video recording that NVRs (network video recorders) can store. FaceMe® Security now provides end-to-end support for H.265 videos (when using hardware such as Intel CPUs’ Quick Sync decoder and NVIDIA GPUs,) for enhanced RTSP streaming, real-time face detection, feature extraction, and video recording retrieval.


Support for DIDO I/O Modules – Fully Integrated with the Control of Doors, Locks, and Lights

FaceMe® Security now supports select models of Advantech’s DIDO control modules, further expanding its compatibility with I/O devices to automatically control doors, locks, and lights when detecting the presence of authorized individuals.


For more information on FaceMe® Security, please visit: https://www.cyberlink.com/faceme/solution/security/overview


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