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Feb. 2, 2021
CyberLink Partners with Network Optix for Facial Recognition Integration into Video Management Systems

CyberLink’s FaceMe® Security will integrate with Network Optix’s Nx Witness VMS, enabling real-time detection and notification of VIP, block-listed and tagged personnel

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – February 02, 2021CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a pioneer in AI and facial recognition technologies, today announced a high level integration with all Powered by Nx VsaaS solutions developed by Network Optix – including Nx Witness VMS. The integration of CyberLink’s FaceMe® Security software with Powered by Nx VSaaS solutions makes it possible for system integrators to add face recognition to IP video systems for any application - including smart city, retail, industrial facilities, hospitality and many additional use cases.


CyberLink Partners with Network Optix for Facial Recognition Integration into Video Management Systems

Network Optix’s Nx Meta is an open, extensible, free-to-use platform created to help companies rapidly develop VSaaS solutions for any market. The integration of FaceMe® Security with Nx Meta makes it simple for companies to create face recognition enabled VSaaS solutions that track personnel and trigger real-time events based on identity. Companies utilizing the integrated solution can create customized intelligent video applications capable of identifying pre-configured block-listed individuals – which can be used for a variety of purposes including time and attendance, hands-free access control, VIP client management, and more.


CyberLink’s FaceMe® solution is ranked one of the most accurate facial recognition technologies in the world by the renowned National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), with an accuracy rate of up to 99.7%. CyberLink’s FaceMe® Security is a smart surveillance software that runs on PC, workstations, servers, and VMS.


“Smart video management solutions have become a primary security tool across a wide variety of industries,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “Facial recognition technology like FaceMe®, is enabling video management systems to better protect and manage spaces and the people within them. Joining forces with Network Optix, we’ll help fulfill this growing market need and raise the overall standard of quality of security technology in the industry.”

"Network Optix is excited about the new integration between Cyberlink's FaceMe® Security solution for Nx Witness VMS and all Powered by Nx products,” said Tony Luce, Director of Marketing for Nx. “FaceMe® Security is well designed, has a flexible deployment model, and is simple to install, use, and integrate. It's everything we look for in a partner solution and we're excited to introduce it as our newest Works with Nx product."


About Network Optix


Network Optix (Nx) is a software company focused on one thing: IP video. Since the first product was sold in 2013 Network Optix has enabled the management of millions of IP video cameras in 130 countries and 6 continents with software that is instantly usable, open and extensible, and powerfully simple to use.


Learn more about Network Optix: https://www.networkoptix.com/


About CyberLink
Founded in 1996, CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW) is the world leader in multimedia software and AI facial recognition technology. CyberLink addresses the demands of consumer, commercial and education markets through a wide range of solutions, covering digital content creation, multimedia playback, video conferencing, live casting, mobile applications and AI facial recognition. CyberLink has shipped several hundred million copies of its multimedia software and apps, including the award-winning PowerDirector, PhotoDirector, and PowerDVD. With years of research in the fields of artificial intelligence and facial recognition, CyberLink has developed the FaceMe® Facial Recognition Engine. Powered by deep learning algorithms, FaceMe® delivers the reliable, high-precision, and real-time facial recognition that is critical to AIoT applications such as smart retail, smart security, and surveillance, smart city and smart home. For more information about CyberLink, please visit the official website at  www.cyberlink.com


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