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FaceMe® Security

Enabling Facial Recognition for Smart Surveillance

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Take your security to the next level with FaceMe Security's value Add-Ons.

With a diverse range of value Add-Ons, customers can unlock the full potential of FaceMe's world renowned facial recognition engine, tailoring it to meet specific security needs. With these value Add-Ons, organizations can customize and optimize facial recognition to their exact situation.
Face Terminal
  • Face recognition access control
  • Offline recognition in case of network disruption
  • Real-time database synchronization when the device is online (up to 10,000 people)
  • Customizable UI text for different people groups as well as visitors
  • UI to show camera preview with employee's check-in information
  • Customers can also utilize the FaceMe® Security notification API to integrate with their existing attendance and access control system.
  • Video Monitoring & Recording
  • Monitor up to 9 different cameras
  • Alarm and events popup in real-time
  • Customizable layouts by floorplan or building map
Notification Monitor
  • UI easily viewed from 10 feet away, providing critical information to security personnel when a blocklisted person is identified
  • Customizable for different groups and subgroups
  • Notification audio alerts
  • Information displayed includes % of match, live and database image, name, time, group, and location
People Tracker
  • Expedite video surveillance investigations with 3 powerful video analytics AI technologies
  • Track people of interest using physical attributes (age, gender, clothing type, clothing color, accessories, body shape)
  • Re-Identify people of interest across multiple cameras and locations
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