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FaceMe® Security

Face Recognition Terminal
Flexible Access Control at the Edge

Face Recognition Panel for Access Control

Face Terminals offer another option for facial recognition access control and time & attendance. When the main objective is door access, a face terminal mounted at eye level next to the door is highly convenient. For increased security, they can also be paired with access control cards for 2-factor authentication.

Face Terminal Add-on Features

Supporting IR+RGB cameras, Face Terminal Add-on can effectively defend against common spoofing attacks.
System Integrators can customize with their own logo, or their customers logo.
Profile image and key information displayed, matching the same icon and color from the corresponding people group in FaceMe® Security Central.
Adjustable face size for recognition of different angles and heights.
Customizable greeting messages for different people groups, as well as visitors.

Reliable and Powerful

  • Review all videos, trace their footsteps
    Edge Computing
    With Android tablets
  • Select time and camera
    Offline Recognition
    Continues working during periods of network disruption
  • Refine search with physical attributes
    Real-time Database Synchronization
    While the device is online
  • Search for target again in surveillance footage
    Built-in Database, 10K People
    Per 5GB storage (1 person = 3 images)

Offline Face Recognition

    • Review all videos, trace their footsteps
      Device Internet Disconnected
    • Review all videos, trace their footsteps
      Unstable Internet Environment
    • Review all videos, trace their footsteps
      Backend Server Maintenance
  • In case of network disruption, face terminal ensures uninterrupted face recognition service (if notification icon is displayed, check the network)

IP Camera or Face Terminal

FaceMe Security elevates access control with facial recognition for diverse environments. With seamless adaptability, versatility, and a NIST FRTE accuracy rating of 99.83%, FaceMe provides precise facial recognition access control for both IP cameras and face terminals across a spectrum of scenarios.

System Requirements

FaceMe® Face Terminal Add-on
Snapdragon 600 Series
MediaTek Genio 350
NXP i.MX8M Plus
2 GB
Android 9
Storage (free space)
4 GB
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