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Color Grading is an advanced video editing technique used by all professional film makers to inject mood and energy into productions. And now, through ColorDirector, it’s available in a complete, powerful and affordable package to mainstream and enthusiast editors.


Take a look at how fast and easy optimization of video tones and colors and the ability to dramatically change the look and feel of a production by instantly applying film-style presets can take your creations to the next level.                                                                             


ColorDirector 2 Tutorial Videos

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Creating Dramatic HDR Video

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and is a popular photographic technique. Now, for the first time, with ColorDirector 2's unique new feature you can apply HDR to your videos to add more dynamic range to your scenes bring out the detail, and highlight the best parts of your footage.

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Improving Videos Shot in Poor Lighting

It can be frustrating shooting video in low light conditions that suck the life out of your scenes leaving you with grainy, under saturated, low-contrast, and muddy video footage. ColorDirector 2 features two new tools to help you improve the videos you shot in poor light by reducing noise artifacts and grain while at the same time making the video look sharper.

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Correcting Exposure Problems

No matter how well you plan your shoot, sometimes you're going to end up with exposure issues in your footage. Take a look at some of the common exposure problems and how ColorDirector can correct them using tools and techniques that optimize brightness and contrast.

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Removing Color Casts with Instant White Balancing

It's very common for filming locations to have different lighting sources, each with their own color temperatures. While the human eye is great at compensating for these differences, even the most expensive cameras aren't as flexible. What this means is that your footage may sometimes be left with a bluish or orange tinted cast. Here's how to fix it.

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Changing the Color of an Object with Motion Tracking

ColorDirector takes the painstaking frame-by-frame adjustment process out of object tracking with a unique motion tracking feature that does all the work for you. A Quick Selection tool intelligently isolates an object of your choice in a scene and then tracks the movement of the object as the video plays.

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Changing the Color of an Object with Selection Masks & Keyframing

Changing the color of something within a scene is easy with ColorDirector's precise regional selection tools combined with powerful keyframing functions. Whether you want to swap a person's shirt color or you need to adjust one color in a shot because you will be compositing a graphic element over it with that color, regional color changes are quick and easy.

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Downloading and Uploading DirectorZone Presets

Presets are a quick and effective way of giving your videos a whole new look and feel. ColorDirector includes a range of popular built-in presets for you to use on your projects, but if you can't find the look you're after, is a great place to browse and download tons of free presets created by CyberLink and other ColorDirector users. You can also upload presets you've created yourself so that others can enjoy them.

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Altering the Atmosphere of a Scene

Enhancing color to affect the mood of a scene is the visual equivalent to musical accompaniment and can be just as powerful. Is your video exciting, comedic, sombre, set in a cold location, or trying for a retro-feel. You can use ColorDirector to help create the perfect feel for your movie using single-click presets or manually adjusting to achieve your desired effect.

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