CyberLink Media Suite 12 Videos

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Media Suite 12 Intro Video

With Media Suite 12 you can truely enhance your digital media experience at home or in the classroom, with the ability to play, create, edit and organize media, and supporting the latest in media technology.

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What is PowerStarter?

Starting your multimedia experience is easier than ever with the updated PowerStarter launcher. Grouped by common tasks, you will always launch the right application for whatever you want to do.

PowerDVD 14 Tutorial Videos

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PowerDVD Tailored for You

See how to customize PowerDVD features and controls so they are just right for you.

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Experience Cinema Mode

Cinema Mode offers a big screen-optimized interface for playing movies from file and now works with touch!

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The Media Panel

See how to organize and access all your movies, photos, music and videos all in one place.

PowerDirector 12 Tutorials

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Getting Started With PowerDirector

If it's your first time using PowerDirector, watch this tutorial to get a quick walkthrough of the user interface, and learn how to start making your very first video.

PiP Designer

Learn how to overlay graphics on your videos and design animation with the convenient timeline interface.

Productive Working Environment

Learn how to make your video editing more productive with PowerDirector 12's timeline, keyframe and hotkeys.

PhotoDirector 5 Tutorials

Create Dramatic HDR Shots

Make vivid HDR photos by adding more dynamic light and bringing out the details in the bright and dark areas. Use either the built-in adjustment tool or the new Bracket HDR feature that merges a series of shots.

How to Use Content-Aware Removal

Learn how to precisely remove unwanted objects or people from images with this powerful but easy-to-use editing tool.

Correct Common Lens-Related Distortions

Auto Lens Correction enables you to quickly correct common imperfections like Keystone, Fisheye distortion, Chromatic aberration, and Vignetting, which degrade the quality of photos.

Other Video Tutorials

PowerProducer 6

Create stunning DVD & Blu-ray Movie Discs

Ready to create your first movie discs with PowerProducer? In this tutorial we will show you how to create movie discs and add stylish menus to your movie creation.

PowerProducer 6

Editing photos and creating slideshow discs

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to produce photo slideshow discs with PowerProducer.

LabelPrint 2.5

Print customized disc labels and covers

Use the built-in LabelPrint software to design disc labels or covers, and making your disc creation look unique!

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