Learn About Director Suite Live & CyberLink Cloud

Learn about Director Suite Live

Learn about Director Suite Live

CyberLink Director Suite Live is the subscription-based media creativity suite with integrated CyberLink Cloud service. Director Suite Live provides all the powerful tools needed for media creation. Director Suite Live is available in flexible annual and quarterly plans.
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How CyberLink Cloud Works

How CyberLink Cloud Works

CyberLink Cloud service is designed to enrich your media experience with CyberLink multimedia products. Whether you need to wirelessly sync music, photos and videos between PC and mobile devices or back up valuable media creation projects and templates.
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Backup & Download Projects from the Cloud

Backup & Download Your Projects from CyberLink Cloud

Video editing takes time. You've spent hours creating your new video project and now you need to back it up, and continue editing on another PC. Director Suite Live provides an easy way for you to upload your project to CyberLink Cloud. Backing-up and downloading projects from CyberLink Cloud is as simple as saving a file on your PC.

Upload & Download Templates from the Cloud

Upload & Download Your Templates from CyberLink Cloud

Creative video editors often generate lots of customized templates using PiP Objects, Particles, Titles, Photo or Video Presets or Sound Clips. With CyberLink Cloud, all of your templates can be effortlessly uploaded so that you access and share them from anywhere. It’s also a great way to transfer all your valuable templates across if you’ve just upgraded to a new computer or updated to the latest OS.

Backup & Restore Your Settings via the Cloud

Backup & Restore Your Settings with CyberLink Cloud

Every video creator has their preferred system settings to accelerate their working efficiency – for example, hotkeys, timeline frame rate, and acceleration preferences. Director Suite Live provides an easy way for you to backup and restore your system settings when you upgrade to a new PC, or reinstall your OS.

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Share Your Creative Projects & Templates with CyberLink Cloud

Sometimes you want to share a project or a nicely designed template with your friends or co-workers. It used to be difficult to transfer your creative projects with USB drives or by burning to disc. Now with Director Suite Live and CyberLink Cloud, sharing your creative projects is simple.

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