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CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 is a unique application that combines all the features you need for photography in a single workflow – efficient photo management, pro-quality adjustments and creative photo editing. No other software provides a complete suite of helpful and creative tools that guide you every step of the way, from the moment you import photos from your camera until the moment you’re ready to share them.

PhotoDirector 5 Tutorial Videos

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Correct Common Lens-Related Distortions

Auto Lens Correction enables you to quickly correct common imperfections like Keystone, Fisheye distortion, Chromatic aberration, and Vignetting, which degrade the quality of photos.

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Create Dramatic HDR Shots

Make vivid HDR photos by adding more dynamic light and bringing out the details in the bright and dark areas. Use either the built-in adjustment tool or the new Bracket HDR feature that merges a series of shots.

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Enhance the Mood of Photos with Split Toning

Apply separate color tones to the highlights and shadows of an image to achieve dramatic effects that add feeling and energy to images.

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Organize Your Photo Collection More Efficently with Stacks

Learn how to use Photo Stacks to clean up your screen space, enjoy a structured organization of your entire picture collection, and quickly find a specific image you need for your work.

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Import and Organize Photos Faster

Learn how to import and organize photos to PhotoDirector library. This section teaches how to use the latest Face Recognition Technology for tagging and retrieving photos.

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Use Content-Aware Removal to Remove Unwanted Objects

Learn how to precisely remove unwanted objects or people from images as if they never existed this powerful but easy-to-use editing tool.

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Create Perfect Portraits with People Beautifier Tools

This video will teach you how to reshape figures with Mesh and Distortion tools. The lesson also includes use of other portrait enhancement tools including wrinkle removal, skin smoother and toothbrush.

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Create Dramatic Effects in Your Photos Using Unlimited Presets

Learn to apply several presets to your photos and add HDR effects. Share & explore editing presets at the DirectorZone community.

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Apply Global and Regional Adjustments to Your Photos

This tutorial will also cover how to use the various tools to enhance the White Balance, HSL, Vibrancy, and Sharpness of targeted areas of an image.

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