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Turn Your Family Memories into All-Time Favorite Movies!

PowerDirector 13 Deluxe provides the easiest and fastest way to create and share your home videos. No time to create videos? Let PowerDirector’s Theme Designer help you create professional-looking videos in minutes. Simply choose from an array of built-in stylish templates, drag-and-drop your selected video footage and photos, and instantly turn your home videos into all-time favorite home movies.

  • Easily Create Home Videos

    Easily create amazing home videos in just seconds! Designed for novice and advanced users

  • Many Ways to Polish Your Videos

    Powerful yet easy-to-use editing tools, stylish effects and templates to spice up your home videos.

  • Outstanding Performance

    The world's fastest 64-bit rendering engine, fully optimized for your system

  • Many Ways to Share

    Share your video creation on Facebook and YouTube, and create pro-looking DVD discs

Easily Create Home Videos

There are moments in your life – a child’s birthday, a family trip, or an outdoor sporting event when you want to capture the precious moments and transform them into movies that you will cherish for years. PowerDirector provides the easiest way to create movies of your most precious moments – in just seconds!

  • Anyone Can Create

    PowerDirector is the most flexible solution for video editors of all levels. It comes with 3 editing modes. The Easy Editor provides a guided approach, allowing even first timers to create awesome results. For experienced users, the Full Feature Editor offers thousands of customizable effects and tools giving you full control. The slideshow creator lets you combine photos, videos and music into attractive animated slideshows.

  • Hollywood-Style Animated Slideshows

    Even if you are new to video editing, you can easily create slick animated slideshows with PowerDirector’s Theme Designer. Select from over 20 stylish themes, drag-and-drop your photos and videos in, and create stylish videos in seconds!


    View sample videos:

Many Ways to Polish Your Videos

PowerDirector provides over 500 effects & templates to polish your video creation. Need more? You can access thousands of effects on CyberLink DirectorZone service – totally free!

  • Over 500 Pro-Quality Effects!

    PowerDirector provides over 500 effects and templates to polish your video creation. Add transition effects and stylish video effects to make your videos unique. Overlay animated titles and PiP object and amazing particle effects to your video and make it truly shine!


    See the sample videos:

  • All the Essential Tools Needed for Video Editing

    Take your video editing skills to the next level with the Full-featured Mode. This mode gives you versatility and more control to achieve creative results. With support for up to 100 video tracks, you can create picture-in-picture objects, chroma key effects, and quickly preview your high definition productions without having to render in advance.

  • Unlimited Free Design Resources - DirectorZone

    If you need more free effects, PiP objects, templates and color presets to make your videos unique, or if want to learn more about PowerDirector, you can always find free resources contributed by video creators all over the world on CyberLink's DirectorZone, the world's largest video creator online community!

Outstanding Performance

PowerDirector is the best solution with the fastest rendering speed, the most complete set of video editing tools, and support for the latest and most popular video formats.

  • 64-bit TrueVelocity Engine

    The world’s fastest 64-bit video editing engine fully optimizes the hardware resources on your computer, and delivers ultra-fast rendering.

  • SVRT

    By analyzing the entire project to assess the types of media and formats used, PowerDiector selects the best output profile for optimal production speed.

  • Multi-GPGPU Acceleration

    With the support of Multi-GPGPU, you can maximize performance from both onboard GPU and external graphic card.

  • OpenCL

    Utilizing the system GPU and CPU power, OpenCL harnesses the power of your system’s GPU and greatly improves the speed of the editing process.

Many Ways to Share

PowerDirector provides all the possible ways to share your movie creations – all types of video files and DVD output. You can also publish videos directly to Facebook and YouTube to instantly share with friends and family.

  • Output to All Devices

    Convert video files to formats that you can enjoy watching on mobile devices such as your iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

  • Produce Discs With Stylish Menus

    Produce high-quality DVD discs with stylish animated disc menus.

  • Share Directly to Social Sites

    Upload videos and photo slideshows to Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and NicoNico Douga.

  • Produce Video Files

    Produce your videos in various HD video formats, such as MOV, MP4 and MKV!

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