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Region Code Enhancement

As we know that many of our PowerDVD users view Region Codes as an important DVD issue, we have prepared this short tutorial on Region Code Enhancement (RCE). Please read through the following information to learn more about it.

Introduction to Region Codes on DVD drives:
Basically any DVD drive on the market today can be broken down into two specific groups. RPC1* drives were the initial DVD drives placed on the market and are all region-free. RPC2 drives, which make up the bulk of the DVD drives out there, are either region locked or allow users to set region code for 5 times. PowerDVD can enable you to set the region code up to five times, at which point the region will be locked on the last region changed. If you would like to identify which type of DVD drive you have, please contact your DVD drive manufacturer.

*Note: RPC stands for Region Playback Control.

How does PowerDVD manage region code control?
For RPC1 drives, PowerDVD takes control of this mechanism. CyberLink allows users to change region for 5 times. Afterward, the region code would be locked. PowerDVD uses a Windows registry to do this. For RPC2 case, it's the DVD-ROM drivce that takes care of region settings. PowerDVD would judge the region code in accordance with the hardware.

What is RCE?
RCE is basically a newly implemented system that was designed to prevent users from playing DVDs in DVD players and drives that have been modified to play titles from multiple regions. RCE is located on the DVD title (currently only for Region 1) and works in such a way to trick a region modified DVD player or drive to lock on a certain region so that the disc can not be played. It was introduced by Warner Home Video, but has since been accepted by other movie production studios. There are currently around 20 DVD titles with RCE on them, though there will be nothing on the DVD itself or the packaging to indicate this. To see the list of titles, please click here.

How does RCE work?
Firstly, PowerDVD sends a query to the DVD title to determine which region it is for. Once this is passed, the DVD title will query PowerDVD as to what region the DVD drive is set to. If the region code of the DVD drive does not match with the DVD title, the image shown above will appear, and the disc will not play. The message basically informs you that your DVD drive is not a region one drive and therefore is not able to play the disk.
The DVD title can fool the DVD drive because it is actually set to ALL regions. The DVD title will ask what region the drive is, starting with a region other that one, and since the DVD drive sees the disk is an ALL region title it will accept its query.

When do RCE problem occurs?
RCE protection is enabled if there is no region code detected (Case 1) or a multi region code is detected (Case 2).

When do RCE problems occur with PowerDVD?
1) A problem will occur when, a new DVD drive has not set a default region, you just installed PowerDVD, and the RCE title is the first title that you play using PowerDVD. This is called a Case 1 problem. In this situation, both RPC1 and RPC2 drives will most likely face a problem with RCE.
Solution: Insert and play a DVD title with that region code to set the region before playing RCE titles.

2) If the firmware is poorly designed, (especially when an RPC2 DVD drive is patched to function as an RPC1 drive) This will cause a Case 2 problem.
Solution: Contact you DVD drive vender.

Which companies are currently using RCE technology?
Warner Home Video was the first company to implement the RCE technology on its DVD titles. However, other movie companies have since adopted this technology. The list before is what we know to be currently on the market with RCE on it.

• 6th Day
• All The Pretty Horses
• America's Sweethearts
• The Animal
• The Brothers
• Charlie's Angels
• Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
• Finding Forester
• Ghosts of Mars
• Hollow Man
• Joe Dirt
• A Knight's Tale
• The Patriot
• Saving Silverman
• Snatch
• South Park : Chefs Experience
• South Park : Xmas in South Park
• Thomas Tank & Magic Railroad
• Tomcats
• Urban Legend Final Cut

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