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Harness the Power of Color

ColorDirector 2 comes with a complete set of tools to correct white balance, adjust tonality, and enhance and stylize the colors within your videos. All the professional tools you need to get your videos looking better—from fixing color problems to enhancing your videos creatively and tastefully—can be found right on your desktop. And now with new support for UltraHD 4K files and a huge range of popular video formats you can use ColorDirector to improve all the videos you take.

Procedure for Software Update Download and Installation
Unless noted, software updates provided on this page are exclusively for retail and online purchased versions only. To check for updates for hardware bundled versions, locate the "About" dialog in the software, and then click on the "Upgrade" button. In the Upgrade dialog click the "Update" tab to see if there are any updates available. Also note that the software will pop up a notification periodically when there is an update available.


ColorDirector 2


Updates ColorDirector 2 to build 2315
Installing this patch adds support for custom text size of High DPI. For more detailed information, hover your mouse over the “i” icon on the right”.



Updates ColorDirector to build 2309
Installing this patch update adds support to automatically check and split videos into multiple files for YouTube users with 15 minute length restrictions on their accounts. For more detailed information, hover your mouse over the “i” icon on the right.