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Nov. 9, 2018
CyberLink Releases Spectacular AI Style Video Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

New AI Style Packs uniquely allow Adobe users to transform any video
into a live painting in the style of world-renowned artists

Taipei, TaiwanNovember 9, 2018 CyberLink Corp.(5203.TW), the world's leading consumer multimedia software company, has today announced the release of the CyberLink AI Style Video Plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro and After Effects®. This video effects plug-in utilizes artificial intelligence and deep learning to recreate artistic styles from the world’s most renowned artists. It comes with four stunning AI Style Packs including the styles of Impressionist artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Édouard Manet, as well as Traditional Chinese paintings.

The AI Style Video Plug-in can produce never-before-seen video effects for Adobe users. As opposed to standard video filters or FXs, which overlay a basic style on top of an existing video clip, CyberLink’s deep learning algorithm reflects a much greater understanding of the artistic thought process. Through this algorithm, the AI Style Video Plug-in can recreate artistic styles and artist-specific traits right down to brush strokes and color tones. The result is nothing short of a new art form that can add dramatic effects to a particular scene of a film, or be applied to entire videos and turn them into stories living inside animated paintings.

“As computation power increases, so does the ability for creators to embrace video effects plug-in with AI technologies and add artistic dimensions that were once impossible to their videos,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “With the CyberLink AI Style Video Plug-in for Adobe Premiere® Pro and After Effects®, we’re bringing some of CyberLink’s most unique editing technologies to Adobe users, allowing them to create spectacular AI enhanced video sequences and even full-length movies.”

CyberLink’s AI Style Video Plug-in removes the need for lengthy, user-driven deep learning processes. The solution’s pre-trained AI engine in the video effects plug-in runs locally on an edge computing environment, eliminating the need for creators to be connected to the internet to access cloud-based services and dramatically accelerating the process. The plug-in runs on systems with nVidia graphic cards supporting CUDA 3.0 or newer versions and Intel OpenVINO toolkit (system requirements), can process full-length videos and output up to Ultra HD 4K cinematic resolution.

Product Availability
The following four AI Style Packs are available for Adobe users; each pack includes the CyberLink AI Style Video Plug-in and 9-10 unique effects:

  • Van Gogh AI Style Pack
  • Impressionists AI Style Pack Vol. 1
  • Impressionists AI Style Pack Vol. 2
  • Chinese Traditional Painting AI Style Pack

Pricing: US$ 149.99 for each style pack
CyberLink’s AI Style Video Plug-in is only compatible with Windows versions of the following Adobe® products:

  • Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC 2017 and newer
  • Adobe® After Effects® CC 2017 and newer

The packs are available for purchase today from the CyberLink online store and on the Adobe Exchange

*"Adobe® Premiere®" and “Adobe® After Effects®” are registered trademarks of Adobe Inc. Neither “Adobe® Premiere®" nor “Adobe® After Effects®” is in any way associated with CyberLink Corp.

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