Holiday Pack Vol. 6 for YouCam 6/5

Now you can bring all the holiday spirit into your webcam chats and video messages with the new Holiday Pack for YouCam, the merriest way to stay in touch with family and friends. This specially designed collection of PiP objects and particle templates will add zing to your holiday videos with merriment and Christmas joy.

Holiday Pack 6 for YouCam includes:

  • 10 Particle Templates - Give your video holiday zest by adding cascading snowflakes, glittering ornaments, or delightful winter angels.

  • 10 PiP Object Templates - Choose from a selection of joyful holiday decorations to add to your video chat or message: Holiday wreaths, bejeweled Christmas trees, festive ornaments, and many more.

TIP! – Click here to see how you can mix the particle and PiP object templates together for extra holiday flavors!

Designed for : Youcam 5 and above, YouCam Mobile

Particle Templates

Particle templates let you add cascading snowflakes, glittering ornaments, delightful winter angels, and many more wintry delights to your video chat or recording, allowing you to create the perfect holiday atmosphere.

With ten wonderful effects to choose from, your video greetings will be like personal Christmas parties online.

Collection of Holiday Particles
Pip Object Templates

The Holiday pack PiP templates include a wide range of decorative images for your video or chat: Rolling snowflake circles, flashing trees, glowing Christmas tree ornaments, and many more.

Pick your favorite, or choose several complementary effects to adorn your video creation.

Collection of Holiday Pip Object

Don’t miss out on this amazing collection of holiday PiP objects and particle templates!