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Pixelan SpiceMaster 2.5 TFX

SpiceMaster™ has long been digital video's leading video transitions plugin and effects animation plugin for creating custom soft/organic transitions between two video clips, or animating other video effects within a SINGLE video clip, greatly enhancing your creative flexibility with your video editing software. Pixelan spices have been used by more than 250,000+ video editors worldwide!

This collection includes:

  • 400+ Industry-Leading Softenable Custom Video Transitions
  • Animation of other Video Effects
  • Thousands of Pre-Made Effects

SpiceMaster Overview

Directional Dissolve

Glowing Iris Dissolve

Organic Particle Burst

Elliptical Iris

Organic Flowing Animation

Highlighting Moving Subject

Decelerating Soft Sweep

Organic Animation

Organic Particle Reveal